Jack the Ripper identified?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Sep 8, 2014.

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  1. Could the almost 130 year mystery have been solved?


    A sleuth seems to think so.. and the person that they believe they've identified was one of the suspects in the case back when the crimes were first being committed/discovered.. A Jewish man who came from Poland and was a barber named; Aaron Kosminski.

    Apparently back in 2007 a Shaw containing one of the victim's blood DNA was purchased via auction, through current methods of DNA testing they were able to match the blood to one of the victims, however when they held it under light they found traces of what seemed to be seminal fluid.. they were able to locate a descendent of Kosminski's and the DNA proved a partial match, because of this it is believed that they've finally solved the mystery and Kosminski was the man behind all of the serial killings back late 1880s in London.


    The book where all of this is discussed is titled; "Naming Jack the Ripper" and was written by Russell Edwards.​
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    A lot about this does add up - his semen being found on her shawl, him being seen with her just prior to her murder, the fact that he was a suspect that was released only because someone refused to testify against him, that he had a disturbed mental history, etc. Another thing to take into account: Most experts believe that the last victim of Jack The Ripper's was Mary Kelly, murdered on November 9th, 1888. If that's really the case, then it is pretty telling that the murders stopped not long before Kosminski went into an insane asylum.

    But I'm still gonna wait until more actual
    forensic investigators pitch in on this before making any concrete conclusions. Sometimes the evidence against someone can look so damning and yet still be misguided or wrong.
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  3. Wow he lived until 1988? Wow! :jeritroll:
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  4. Mocking my small typo warrants a dislike in my book. :troll:
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  5. Illuminati cover up
  6. :meh:
  7. Personally I think Senhor Perfect is the real Jack the Ripper, it makes sense.. they definitely existed at the same time!
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  8. LMFAO this is dogshit and we all know it. Every year this shit goes down, and the main people handling the case have been silent for a reason.

    The DNA "found" is a lie, the person doing it is trying to sell a book, and the people believing it are buying into the wrong story. DNA evidence found over 100 years later, like there was some big jump in DNA evidence this year alone? Nope, sorry. The GSK page I am into has already debunked the hell out of this.
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  9. Yeah I'm in with Aids. I doubt we'll ever know who the ripper was with a decent degree of accuracy. The evidence just isn't there, we'll probably accept something as fact eventually though. I'm in support of the Prince of Wales theory though, mainly because the premise is pretty fun.
  10. I can't keep it in anymore, It's me! I'm Jack!
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  11. GSK? The British Pharmaceutical company?

    You don't need a page to debunk this for you.. the only thing you need to debunk the story is the fact that this whole report came just two days before the book dropped on shelves.. it's clearly a marketing scheme.

    A.K. is simply the obvious choice for suspect because of all of the circumstantial evidence surrounding him, we most likely will never find out who the Ripper is because that story would never be passed down inside whoever it was family.

    I put a '?' in the title merely to hear what others thought about it and I'm glad no one here is 100% convinced from this specific piece of sleuth reading.
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  13. I fucking knew it.. s'all good.. your secret is safe with me!
  14. JTR is the goat criminal.
  15. Would be Polish wouldn't it...
  16. I carried a menorah to make them think I was Jewish.
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  17. DB cooper is right there with him.
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  19. Aaron Kosminski.

    Yep, that's what we....er..."they" want you to think.

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