Jack Wilshere vs Brazil

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Feb 7, 2013.

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  1. What a majestic performance. The guy is quickly rising up my favourite players list and is someone all England midfielders should inspire to be like.

    It reminds me of his incredible performance against Barcelona a couple years ago:

  2. he played brilliantly yesterday arsenal are gunna struggle to hold on to him
  3. Thought he was immense first half, didn't quite hit that high in the second half, but for sure he looked the best player on the pitch over the entire game
  4. Doubt it. He has signed a long term deal with them and has said he wants to be a one club man. Though I seriously doubt he would want to stay there if they continue to not win trophies, especially if he does become one of the best players in the world. I think we all know Barcelona are going to eventually go after him; he fits their style of play so well.
  5. I hope he does stay loyal to arsenal its very rare these days couldn't name even 10 players from the premier league that have stayed at there club throughout there career all i can think of is
    Fletcher(i think)

    Its a shame theres more money than loyalty in todays game
  6. Whilst I too have a soft spot for players who stay at one club for their career ("one-club players"), I think I would prefer Wilshere to eventually leave. I think the guy needs success to be known as one of the greats -- something I think he could become -- and leaving Arsenal is the way to achieve success at the moment. If you don't believe me: ask Nasri, Henry, Fabregas, Song, Clichy etc.

    I think it'd be great to see Wilshere leave for either a top premier league club or a team like Barcelona, Real Madrid of Bayern Munich (preferably Spain though).
  7. Yes true id like him to stay there for at least 5-7 years though let him develop into a top player at arsenal who knows wenger might decide to spend and turn arsenal into the mighty force they once were
  8. Wenger? Spend? :haha:
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