Jake Hager

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  2. :lebron:
  3. Swagger has a tattoo! :shock:
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  4. [​IMG]

    His wife is also F'ing fine!
    She is a glamour model and former wrestler signed to FCW. Not bad Swagger :obama: Not bad
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  5. Yeah bro.. WOOO :baws:

    She is smokin'!
  6. I always said Swagger would work better as a face. He has that clean cut American look. Imagine him turning face and saving his wife from random heel number 20101. Over.
  7. Would be cool, indeed.

    If they only would give him some cool attire.. :facepalm1:
  8. Yeah. Compared to when he debuted he now has the physique to easily pull of shirtless.
  9. Yeah bro, he slimmed down!

    But I can't think of some good attire for him..
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