News Jake Roberts Has Cancer

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Nero_x3, Feb 23, 2014.

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  1. Earlier this morning, Jake Roberts revealed to TMZ that he has a cancerous tumor behind his knee. The tumor is growing into the muscle, which means that Jake will go under surgery this Tuesday morning. He still plans to wrestle at Jersey Championship Wrestling and he definitely plans to be at the WWE Hall of Fame for his induction.


    Nero's POV: It's a damn shame that he finds this out now. Hopefully the surgery goes well and he'll be able to go back into the ring and be at the HOF ceremony.
  2. Hope the lad gets better ASAP!
  3. Damn poor dude. Always been pretty classy. Fuck Cancer.
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  4. No way hope the surgery goes well.
  5. Thankfully it is in a spot were it is easily removed.
  6. And just when he's getting his life back on track. I hope the surgery goes well and we'll see him in great form at the HoF Ceremony.
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  7. Fuck. Hope Jack gets better, would suggest him to not take that wrestling event though so he can rest up a bit.
  8. They found it early I think so it can be removed and he will recover. Didnt Piper have cancer and look he survived it
  9. Hope he comes back, he has an awesome theme song!
  10. If it is growing in his muscles, it'll be harder to remove. There'll be a chance too that the surgery would be useless because they haven't removed the tumor completely. I just hope that it's early enough that they can still clearly identify the position and the growth of the tumor.

    Praying for his safety and for the success of the surgery! :emoji_slight_smile:
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  11. Not to be Donnie Downer or anything, but it depends on many factors. Not everyone is lucky enough to recover.
    I really hope he is one of the lucky people though.
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  12. Jake can't seem to catch a break.
  13. hope he gets better FUCK CANCER
  14. I hope everything turns out well for Jake, No one deserves to go through such pain.

    I wish him a safe, fast, and easy recovery.
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