News Jake Roberts in Critical Condition at Hospital

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Nero_x3, Aug 28, 2014.

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  1. As of right now, Jake Roberts is at a Las Vegas hospital unconscious. According to Raj Giri of WrestleINC, Roberts was flying to an event but passed out on the plane. He was taken to a nearby hospital and it is being reported to be a double pneumonia, as his lungs have fluid in them and he has a mass on his brain.

    Damn. He really does not deserve to go out like this if this is true. He's turned his life around, been able to go into the HOF, and now this happens, right after he fixed the cancer in his knee. Hoping everything turns out well for Jake.
  2. Would be insane in the worst possible way considering Warrior dying not to long ago. A lot of Golden Era fans will be feeling their hearts sink even more
  3. If Roberts goes down, oh god if Scott Hall was to go down. That would be possibly the worst case scenario.
  4. Is the 2014 class jinxed? Damn
  5. Rough news, hope he ends up okay but dealing with Double Pneumonia and fluid in the lungs in addition to the mass in the brain at an age like that is no bueno.
    ^DDP tweet saying he's been to see him.
  7. :downer: I hope he feels better soon!
  8. He's now conscious (was in and out) and is being transferred to a new hospital where they are better equipped to work on Jake with his condition. Hoping everything continues to go good.
  9. Who cares?

    I'm hoping Jake pulls through too, but I don't get why people care so much about folks who they don't even know personally. It'd be one thing if they were still in their prime and performing every week, but they aren't.
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  10. Considering how they were just inducted into the hall of fame as well as Warrior. You think the fans (mostly older ones) want to see them go down right after they got their rightful position into the HOF? Also who ever said it was caring so much?
  11. Yeah. Why did everyone get so worked up about those Sandy Hook kids, or 9-11. Unless you knew one of them, who cares?
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  12. Because some of us grew up idolizing people. I don't care about most, but I do feel for their situation, especially considering it isn't a relapse that put him there. No one is comparing Jake Roberts to their own family or close friends in the hospital chief.
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  13. So because you don't care you condemn those who do? Fuck off, eat shit and die.

    I personally won't lose sleep over Jake or any other wrestler passing, but there are certain musicians, actors, athletes, ect that it would be tough to see them go.
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  14. lol I didn't "condemn" anyone, I merely questioned why others cared so much.
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  15. Why do you care so much if others care?
  16. I don't. I made a two (technically one) sentence post asking why others did since I see this type of attitude all over the place in regards to celebrities dying. It's called having an opinion.
  17. Well that sucks. Jake has been through some tough shit these last several years and hopefully he can pull through.
  18. It is called being a condescending jackass.
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  19. I don't entirely agree, but it is what it is. It's how I am and how I approach certain things, and I've been this way for too many years already to bother changing now. Besides, I find this criticism quite ironic coming from you.
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