Jake Roberts off of the wagon again

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Senhor Perfect, Jun 27, 2013.

  1. "The decision to release these videos was made after much consideration. There has been a tremendous flood of positive media coverage surrounding what happens at the AccountabilityCrib, and while many things that happen may be kept private, we cannot allow a false image to be portrayed.

    As much as we hate seeing people fall, we still believe that anyone can make the decision toget backup. We’re not arehab centerand we’re still learning so muchabout addiction. We only are here to support our friends if they are willing to do the work necessary.

    Please be patient as we are trying to condense hours of footage into a shorter format."
    Read more athttp://www.lordsofpain.net
  2. It was only a matter of time. A big part of rehab is falling of the wagon. I have an aunt who's an AA member so I know first hand that it isn't a matter of if there will be a relapse, but a matter of when and how big. They are a big part of the rehab process and the important part is helping Jake back up to show that he doesn't have to fall all the way back down.
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  3. who was drunk typing this?

    Pity, but it's bound to happen. The real deal here is whether people have his back still, or disappear. This stuff happens.

  4. DDP apparently
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