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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Harley Quinn, Oct 24, 2013.

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  1. ake “The Snake” Roberts, who announced in April that he wanted to compete in the 2014 Royal Rumble after resurrecting his life through Diamond Dallas Page and the DDPYoga program, has continued to campaign for a spot in the annual affair. Yesterday on Twitter, he publicized a petition directed to WWE Talent Relations to put him in the match.

    The petition states, “Jake has given the fans so much of himself in the ring over the course of his decades spent in the business, let’s give back to him and show our appreciation by voicing our support for the next stage in his journey!” the petition states. “Let’s show WWE that we fans want to see this. Send your mail to WWE, post about this on every kind of social network imaginable, tell your friends and their friends, AND SIGN THIS PETITION! Let’s show WWE that we won’t shut up until Jake Roberts is in the Royal Rumble!”

    WWE officials are reportedly aware of Roberts’ desire, but not interested in using him at this time. In August, it was reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that they were not considering him for the match, and if they did, it wouldn’t be until January when the event draws near.

    Source: Pwmania
  2. I'm sure there'd be no problem with Jake going to the ring, DDTing a few people and getting tossed out. I'd enjoy that.
  3. I wouldn't mind it either, but there are too many in the WWE Universe who would hear his music, watch him come out, and ask, "Who's that guy?", followed by the sound of crickets chirping.

    Jake was a far-above-average worker and a superior talent, but I doubt most of the modern fanbase would even recognize him.

  4. Well, fair enough, that may be the case. Sometimes they do bring out people no one knows though.
  5. They do. But I think they do that with the thought/hope that people will recognize them. It doesn't always work out and, I'm afraid, that it wouldn't work out for Jake. It's not that I don't want to see him in a WWE ring again, I just don't want him coming out at 58 years old, and be embarrassed by people not recognizing him. I'd much rather simply see him inducted into the Hall of Fame next year. At least with those, the inductees always get cheered because the fans understand (or at least seem to) that they won't recognize everybody.

    I'm just thinking about them bringing out Bob Backlund a couple of weeks ago and the crowd reaction being a few cheers and a lot of "huh?"'s.

  6. It's always sad to see legends not get recognized by the modern fanbase. While I can't completely blame them for it, I just wish that the WWE legends would get a great reaction rather than the silence or confusion most get.
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  7. Yeah. :downer:
  8. Do you think he would be allowed to take a snake to the ring nowadays or would that be classed as animal cruelty? The modern crowd might not recognize him but they would pay attention if everyone started jumping out the ring after he has thrown Damien in.
  9. I know Darren Young wouldn't be scared. I hear he's fond of "snake".


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  10. We all know who we really want to make a guest spot at the rumble..... The Ultimate Warrior..... and WIN! Ohhh god I marked just thinking about it.
  11. Yeah man, let Warrior come out in full homophobe suit and tie. He can turn heel and Darren Young can throw him out to a huge pop.

    I'd mark out. If they did that, they better have Darren Young wrestle in a sweet rainbow cape.
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  12. Not exactly where I was going with it, but yay
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  13. lolol throwing you a curve ball there. Warrior's a real jerk, but the kid in me would mark out for him in the Rumble. I'm with you.
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  14. I think I'd get up and start running through my house
  15. I'd do that too. I'd get totally gassed before the match starts in true Warrior fashion.

    lol don't get me wrong. I mark for the dude, but I feel compelled to rip on him at the same time. It's a love/hate relationship I myself don't even understand.





  17. I watched The Self Destruction Of The Ultimate Warrior on Youtube the other day. It's so classic. Bobby Heenan has a special place in his heart for hating Ultimate Warrior. So does Ted DiBiase.
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  18. Congrats Jake, you got sober and started working out. You're still old as fuck and you wasted the years you had a chance getting fucked up - Love, everyone, - you idiot.
  19. Stay classy.
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