James Ellsworth Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Mr. Roman Empire, Sep 17, 2016.

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  1. I don't know about you guys but I see $$$ in this guy. He is already over with the crowd. I think Vince could turn him into the next Santino, but actually funny. I would love to see him battle the Miz for the IC title.


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  2. He's worked CZW

    All Hail
  3. He kind of looks like a young Cm Punk
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  4. Sign him to a contract, Vince. He's money. If you don't, I'll cancel WWE Network. :hhh2:
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  5. I'm not worthy of this thread.
  6. Give the man a job!!!!
  7. Oh yes. Absolutely a fan of this guy. I'd even like to see him 'accidentally' win a title. For an example tag titles, his partner knocks the legal guy down, other opponent knocks him out, lands on top of legal guy. His partner takes out the opponent who knocked ellsworth out and ref counts 1 2 3. Now that would be an awesome moment for him lol
  8. Eh he's fine making the odd appearances but the ironic appeal he seems to muster is pretty limited.
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  9. This. He's a jobber they should bring out from time to time. The moment he becomes a TV regular the appeal will rapidly diminish
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  10. His novelty is being a funny looking jobber. Much like Big Show's novelty was being a big athletic guy, but as soon as you see the guy getting on the main card of the main shows more often, the less the novelty has an impact.

    But, at least, he's funny and entertaining.
  11. It might just be me but Show's size always his athletic moments a spectacle no matter how many times I saw it. I'm not sure if it was a novelty per say.
  12. Big Show was a overall good worker for years and freakishly agile for a man his size up until a few years ago when age caught up with him. He could back up his novelty by delivering good segments and matches.
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  13. Big Show AKA The Giant when he was younger in WCW was a lot more entertaining than most big men type wrestlers who are inherently limited in what they can do. See Psycho Sid breaking his leg badly when he tries to go off the ropes.

    Much like Undertaker/Macho Man are more entertaining to watch than say Hogan/Ultimate Warrior.

    Even jpbbers can have their entertaining moments (Horowitz WINS!!!) or 1-2-3 kid winning over Ramon and Million Doallar Man.

    Some jobbers have gone onto great things as well. 1-2-3 Kid/Sixx/ X-Pac. Jeff Hardy would be another example.

  14. He should have been the one to beat the streak
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  15. Thanks for sharing that video Zardnaar, that was actually pretty cool to watch. I don't think I've seen much before the AE. I'm sure I caught the odd match here and there, but in '94 I turned 5 lol. I honestly didn't know that Jeff Hardy was around before the late 90's.
  16. I might be a bit older than some of the posters here but I still remember the Horowitz wins segment. Horowitz was a jobber wh0o basically lost every match but they let him beat Sunnys man Chris Candito.

    And 1-2-3 kid/X-pac was kind of a jobber as well but that did not last ling as AFAIK Diesal/Razor Ramon (Hall/Nash) took him under their wing.
  17. Yeah. Someone should take James Ellsworth under their wing. And that someone should be none other than AJ Styles.

    It's highly unlikely to happen, but it'd be hilarious.

    LOL'd at this:
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  18. #beatupjamesellsworth
  19. Wasn't Hardy like 16 here?
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