News James Ellsworth receives Title Match next week

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  1. I am going to sound like a moron for asking... But who the heck is this guy?
  2. James Ellsworth is the first jobber victim to Braun Strowman on RAW, backstage Vince heavily praised his performance and decided to use him a bit more. Ellsworth was gonna tag with Styles on a Smackdown main event one night (because AJ couldn't find a partner) until the Miz beat James up and took his place, just last night Ellsworth returned because Styles wanted to apologize to him for not getting his main event match. Then a match between Styles and Ellsworth was set up with Ambrose as the ref and of course Ambrose screwed Style... so there ya go. Title match for the man.
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  3. What Shaddix said, since you apparently don't watch WWE. :pity:

    Really though, the dude has been an independent wrestler for more than a decade. He was initially used as a goofy jobber basically, but with his actual background in wrestling, and then the whole thing that happened this week, I'm wondering if WWE actually has any plans for him beyond this.
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  4. Shhsh it you :mad2:

    I don't follow on a weekly basis but I try to keep up with what is going on. I just never heard of the dude. I am glad he at least has some background in wrestling. Better than having another PeeWee Herman show. lol
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  5. You shhsh it!! :angry:

    Yeah, he's one of those cute little dorky awkward dudes. :haha: But I agree, I'm glad he at least has a wrestling background. That's one reason that, while part of me thinks, "Eh... really?" about this whole thing, there's another part of me that's going, "Ooooh, nice! Let's see where they take this!" and kind of curious if they'll have him continue the awkward little-guy jobber thing or let him genuinely wrestle and show what he's got. I'm trying to ignore my skeptical, eye-rolling side and focus on the more positive, "Yay, something different!" side. lol
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  6. Also, this:

    And this:

    For his Raw and SmackDown appearances. :otunga:
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  7. I don't mind seeing a wrestler that looks like an average Joe. It is refreshing. If he can wrestle and do it well, why not!? Not everything in WWE needs to sparkle and be larger than life.
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  8. Exxxxxactly! That's why I hope (cautiously, of course, because... WWE) they actually do something with the guy rather than just have him fit the "el oh el, jobber" role. I'd love for them to let him really wrestle and show that yeah, he doesn't fit the mold, but he's just as capable of wrestling. Plus, that'd be a great demonstration of his "catchphrase," "Any man with two hands has a fighting chance." :obama:
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  9. For those wanting to see some of his other stuff, here are a couple.

    Big Time Wrestling:

    Adrenaline Championship Wrestling:
  10. I think kids in general would enjoy seeing him have a chance as well because it shows them that you can be any size and reach your dreams. Instead of it being all about body size. This is a reason I wish they had more bigger women wrestlers. They should have wrestlers, both men and women, of all sizes. If they know how to do it, muscle and definition shouldn't be a reason to say no.
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  11. James "The GOAT" Ellsworth to dethrone AJ Styles next week, let's go! It'd be the biggest upset of the century, baybay. [​IMG]
  12. Nah, jk. Styles will win, obviously.
  13. Nothing against AJ but i'd mark out if James snuck a win or something XD A near fall even.
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  14. I was wondering if they were going to actually give him a title shot since technically did earn it. I honestly wouldn't be too surprised of he actually won...but we know that wouldn't happen ever right?...pls
  15. Big Match John is going to be the one who will dethrone The Phenomenal One and nobody else, not even the great James Ellsworth.
  16. I don't know why people are annoyed by Cena eventually taking the title. Its extremely likely it will be the main event of Mania meaning Styles would have a long reign, Styles has three pinfall victories over Cena and its a slow burn well told story so far. On top of all that Cena and Styles have had the best matches in WWE this year and the best promos of the year too. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Cena taking the belt to tie Flair and get one final run with the belt. Would you really want his last World title reign to be his 2 month reign that ended to a Brock Lesnar squash match?
  17. I, for one, wouldn't hate Cena dethroning Styles.

    Styles is already a star. Owning 3 pinfall victories over the face that's been running the place for the last decade is an amazing accomplishment.

    People should get over the fact that Cena will tie Flair's record, it's inevitable. Hell, he might even surpass it.

    Plus, their last singles match at SummerSlam was fantastic. The next one is likely to be the same. So, if Cena/Styles get to ME or at least co-ME WM, then that'd be amazing.
  18. I don't mind John Cena winning the title back, but it should be at WrestleMania or some-time next year.

    Back to the topic at hand, James Ellsworth will not be winning or getting close. He is likely going to be beat senseless and quickly disposed of.
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  19. There is no way Cena will be winning it before Mania, they want to give him a last Mania moment and for something as monumental as getting that record it should be a Mania main event.

    I hope Ellsworth is on the Glasgow Smackdown taping, love that guy.
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