James Storm Eyes An Addition To The Revolution

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    The Revolution (James Storm, Sanada and Manik) are in the ring.

    James Storm says “the storm is very close.” He says Sanada was weak and lost with The Great Muta. He says Manik was a faceless creature without a voice. He says they’ve seen the light – that they’re disciplined.

    Storm calls out Davey Richards.

    Richards enters the ring. Storm asks him if he’s considered his offer. Storm says his partner, Eddie Edwards, is holding him back. Storm claims to know what that’s like, that’s why he’s offered him to be part of The Revolution.

    Eddie Edwards interrupts.

    Edwards says Storm is out of his mind and that there’s no way Davey would give up everything for him. Tension mounts between The Wolves and Storm interrupts, saying, “This is Davey’s awakening!”

    Eddie challenges Storm to a match and slaps him in the face!

    Eddie Edwards vs. James Storm

    Eddie Edwards battles Storm furiously! As Davey Richards looks on, Manik moves in. Eddie leaves the ring to step between them. When he returns the ring, Storm powerfully shifts the momentum.

    Storm nails some hard offense, then he drags Eddie Edwards to the edge of the ring and chokes with the ring apron. Storm continues his onslaught, until Eddie is able to counter with a kick to the face. Eddie furiously unloads a series of knife edge chops.

    Eddie plants Storm with a chin buster from the top rope. Storm kicks out just before three! Storm begins clobbering Eddie Edwards and Sanada distracts the referee. Eddie shoves Storm into Sanada and rolls through for a two count.

    Outside the ring, Manik whispers into Davey’s ear. Eddie catches Manik with a baseball slide that sends him crashing against the guardrail. Davey Richards climbs onto the apron and begins arguing with Eddie. As Eddie turns around, James Storm catches him with The Last Call and a three count.

    Winner: James Storm


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