Impact News James Storm Leaves Impact Wrestling

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Geese, Nov 10, 2017.

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  1. WWE.

    *Prays* Pretty please? I want beer money on WWE!
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  2. Didn't this guy have a shot in NXT but just walked out?
  3. He did not want to relocate to Florida and was offered way lower than what he made in Impact
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  4. Those sound like valid reasons...

    Cheers for info...
  5. I could see him in either LU season 5, ROH, or maybe even NWA. I seriously doubt him doing NJPW because if he didn't want to live in Florida there no chance he's going to Japan
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  6. Foreign wrestlers wrestling in Japan don't move there. They fly in for a tour and fly home afterwards. Only a select few like Omega and Quiet Storm live in Japan full time.

    And if Storm don't want to travel for his wrestling he got into the wrong gig to begin with.
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  7. Best bet for him is Japan, NJPW mainly. ROH isn't bad if he wants to avoid the travel but yeah.
  8. He's been in NXT.

    TNA's going to sign him with the quickness.
  9. He just left TNA
  10. Why on gods earth would ROH sign him let alone NJPW sign. Utterly laughable.
  11. I like James Storm, but I'm okay with him leaving. Apparently, he was one of the highest paid talent there, but he really didn't have any draw power. I think if Impact wants a shot they just need to go on in on someone with drawing power and hope for the best.

    As for James Storm, I'm not sure if he'll sign with anybody or just take it easy and do some independent booking here or there.