James Storm signs a multi-year contract extension

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  1. According to John Gaburick's own Twitter, TNA and the Cowboy have reached a multi-year extension.

    Nice to see someone re-signing instead of leaving, that's for sure.

    Now get to Bad Influence. :tough:
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  2. Sounds pretty good, I just hope this starts a big re-signing trend in TNA.
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  3. UPDATE: IMPACT Wrestling is reporting that Gaburick will be announcing more extensions within the next few days.

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  4. James Storm has been with TNA wrestling since day one so this is fantastic news for the company.

    I hope so too, they have lost way too many talents this past year. Sign Bad Influence and give them back the Tag-team titles TNA!
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  5. Very nice to see, Storm is a great talent and should be kept around. Hopefully they do announce some contract extensions Aries, BI...
  6. I've been neglecting my TNA watching duties lately. How has he been since his heel turn? Interesting character or more of the same old shit?

    I really like Storm at times, but sometimes he is just boring and repetitive.
  7. His feud with Gunner has been pretty fun, they had two great matches and a segment where Storm broke a beer bottle over Gunner's dad's head. Has been alright so far.
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  8. Didn't think he would still be feuding with Gunner after the Lockdown match. I would have preferred to see Gunner move on, as his momentum had likely peaked for the Storm feud at that point.
  9. He's been pretty good in the heartless bitch role. "Nobody cares about your time in the military, Gunner!"

    Definitely agree that he should have moved on. That's something TNA needs to get better with, this is Anderson all over again. So many feuds are getting guys over and then continuing and ruining said momentum
  10. Yeah, I'll be happy if they resign Bad Influence and Aries - along with getting a new tag team to shake things up in the Tag Team division. Also, while I really want to see Wolves hold the titles, BI definitely deserve another title run - but I also want to see Kaz and Daniels fight in singles competition - temporarily - because they're that good too.
  11. When The Wolves won everyone was hatin, now that they lost everyone is lovin?:finger:
  12. I've been a fan of the Wolves since they signed with TNA (I don't watch indie wrestling, but I did see Richards vs Devitt on youtube which was a great match) and can't wait until they get the titles again for an actual reign that lasts more than like a day.
  13. Think most of the hate was for it happening at a house show. Why the hell did that happen?

    They've gotta get another tag team in there (where is Storm's briefcase? :why:) They're trying to drag out this Wolves vs Bromans feud as long as they can out of necessity when, in kayfabe, the Tag Team Champions shouldn't be lasting 2 minutes with the Wolves.
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  14. Storm and Gunner will have their final battle on 27th at Sacrifice.
  15. They ripped off the Cena Orton angle, Storm beat up Gunner's dad. It has had it's moments (and i have barely watched also) but either way it has been good for the company and one of the few interesting things going on. Storm saying is great, we could see him and Roode together again without it being Tag Teaming.
  16. I'm going to get shit on for this, but I prefer Storm over Roode any day.
  17. Let me be the first one to shit on that opinion.
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  18. Allow me to be the 2nd person to shit on it.
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