James Storm Speaks on AJ Styles Situation, His Character, Minor Injury, New Show...

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  1. TNA star James Storm is wrestling with a hairline fracture in his ankle, according to Storm in an interview on Ring Rust Radio.

    "I've been wrestling the past 3-4 weeks with a hairline fracture in my ankle but nobody knows that just because to us it’s no big deal; just put a brace on it and let it go," Storm told interviewer Donald Wood.

    Storm, who has talked about preferring to play a heel over a face in recent interviews, also hinted at a character change in 2014.

    "I don’t want to show my hand now but I definitely have a few things cooking for 2014," Storm said. "Maybe change up my character; I’ve been the 'beer drinking cowboy' for the last 4, 5, 6 years in TNA, so I think it’s time to refresh it up a little bit and hopefully the fans will take to it. If they don’t, oh well. To me, I always look at pleasing me first because at the end of the day I’m the person that I have to look at in the mirror.”

    Storm also weighed in on the departure of fellow TNA Original, A.J. Styles, weaving together storyline with reality in his comments.

    "I don’t know the situation with the contracts and all that stuff, but you know for me to see a guy that I’ve been here since day one with is a dark day for TNA because he did help build TNA," Storm said. "Any time somebody says TNA they automatically think of A.J. Styles and the incredible matches he’s had while he’s been here. Hopefully him and TNA can come to an agreement and he can come back pretty soon.”
    Outside of wrestling, Storm said he continues to work on the reality TV show idea that he pitched to Hollywood executives in 2013.

    "I’m not really sure when it’s going to start airing,"
    Storm said. "I head back out to L.A. next week to talk to a bunch of different networks who are very interested in it and hopefully real soon we can get that on TV."
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