James Storm vs. Abyss: Revolution to World Title Series

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    James Storm says he has a plan for Abyss that is failsafe, while we await to see what that is, one thing is for sure, seeing this match is something we have all been waiting for. James Storm manipulated Abyss for months and Abyss followed Storm to the end of the earth as a Revolution follower. Now, Abyss is on his own and looking for retribution.

    To make matters worse, in their roundtable discussion before The World Title Series, Storm picked Abyss as the one who will not advance to the Round of 16. Abyss was livid at that and now can do his talking in the six sided ring.

    James Storm vs. Abyss is just one reason to not miss Impact Wrestling Wednesday night on Destination America.


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  2. Ahem, Storm is NXT now. :smirk2:
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