News Japanese Man Arrested For Covering School Girls With Mayonnaise

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  1. Man Arrested For Putting Mayonnaise On High School Girls In Kawanishi City, Hyogo Prefecture
    A 25 year old male company worker, from Sakaemachi in Kawanishi city, has been charged with assault and arrested on January 9, after putting mayonnaise on a high school girl on an escalator in a train station. The suspect is said to have been unmistakably recognized.

    On October 10th at around 7.10pm in Kawanishi-Noseguchi station, the suspect put mayonnaise on the back of a 15 year old female student from a private school in Itami-city, who was standing in front of him on the escalator down to the platform.

    According to the police, the girl heard a strange sound on the escalator and turned around to see a man standing behind her. She realized what had happened straight after in the station toilets.

    The police investigated 6 similar incidents that happened last October in the vicinity of the same station. The man was found from CCTV images.

    This sounds like the work of @shadow. Fess up
  2. Who wouldn't want to put mayo on women?
  3. Mmmm horse semen
  4. Was the mayo warm?
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