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  1. What Japanese promotions's do you guy's watch?

    Doesn't matter really if you watch it occasionally, but if you have seen any which ones?

    Currently the major promotions are:

    All Japan Pro Wrestling

    Dragon Gate

    New Japan Pro Wrestling

    Pro Wrestling NOAH

    Zero-One Wrestling
  2. I've seen a little of AJPW. That's it.
  3. I watched Doug Williams versus Yoshinari Ogawa from 2007 on NOAH yesterday. Quite good match.
  4. I've seen NJPW, Dragon Gate and AJPW. (Some of it)
  5. I watch all of them (NJPW, AJPW, NOAH, ZERO1, DDT, BJW, K-Dojo, Diamond Ring, Dragon Gate, FREEDOMS, IGF), I'm a huge Puro mark. BJW and New Japan are my favorites. BJW rocks the world.
  6. Isn't BJW the one that has or does have a working relationship with CZW?
  7. :dafuq:
    Crayo, give him the award now.
  8. Yes. BJW is primarly a deathmatch fed, but their undercards consist of regular wrestling matches. They had an amazing crowds and great wrestlers (both regular and hardcore) who work crowds amazingly.
  9. Been watching some New Japan Pro Wrestling, going to try to get into that right now, seems very interesting.
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