Kayfabe Japanophiles and Jungle kings

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The Artiste
*Camera pans to The Webmaster standing in front of Ben Song and Reaper*
The Webmaster: Disciples, you all know that last week Ben Song and myself did not have the match for which we had planned and therefore this week I will be the only member of the disciples wrestling and I will be doing it to make sure that each and every one of you can be proud of being a disciple again as we have had several strokes of bad luck in this new home of ours. Ben Song and I are looking forward to turning our luck right around and making sure we lead this company's future by being the stand-out competitors and to do this we're going to have to start winning matches which is what I plan to do against Votan and Frost in our triple threat match this week on Exodus.
*The Webmaster beings to pace back and forth while he is talking*
The Webmaster: What I'm going to do to that jungle boy Votan is not going to be pretty mark my words, but I'm not only here to talk about the man who claims he's a "jungle king", but then comes down the entrance ramp wearing a leather jacket, no I'm also here to talk about whichever Frost brother it is that I got as the third competitor in my match now all I'm going to say is you call me "The Weebmaster" but you guys are the ones dressing as and taking the name of a Japanese group aren't you?
*The Disciples begin to laugh as do Ben Song and The Webmaster but Reaper keeps his ever straight face as he turns to the camera and says*
Reaper: Watch where you tread little men. You may get hurt, seriously hurt.
*The camera fades to black as the disciples laughter can still be heard echoing around their domain*
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