Jarrett gone!?

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  1. From his twitter account:

  2. Damn that kinda blows. Always liked him as a character in TNA back in the day, where he was heel and all that. Oh well, another one bites the dust.
  3. Oh damn. I felt that hit, that's one of the founders of TNA.
  4. Why is it so fucking terrible to be a TNA fan these last few days and months?

    Thank you Jeff Jarrett for starting something great, called TNA. #NeverForget
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  6. Twitter is blowing up from current and former TNA wrestlers saying thanks and appreciating Double J.
  7. Damn this is shit if true he should have been helping talent backstage dude was such a strong heel.
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  8. Support continues:



    TNA has issued an interesting official statement on impactwrestling.com:

    "TNA Entertainment, LLC announced today that it has accepted Mr. Jeff Jarrett’s resignation from the company effective January 6th, 2014. Dixie Carter, President, commented “On behalf of TNA, we would like to thank Jeff for his contributions to the Company. We wish him the very best and look forward to his continued participation as an investor in TNA Wrestling." "
  9. I did legit not see this coming. This is a big blow at least in the symbolic sense. The founding father of the company.
  10. goodnight sweet prince
  11. no you
  12. ok Test
  13. MMA JJ > your life
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  14. I missed him when he called everyone slapnut and smashed a guitar on their head....shoulda done that forever
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  15. Just read this from facebook lol my god TNA really is over now Jeff was the only thing keeping it going with him manageing it now hes gone Dixie is screwed. As I have said before Dixie pull the plug
  16. Prepare for a shocker Jeff Jarrett will be in the Royal Rumble just you watch hes quit TNA and the Rumble happens at the end of January Vince is bound to contact him to participate in the Rumble thats another shot at TNA

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  18. go home
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