Jarrett Meets With The Great Muta in Nashville

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Jul 30, 2013.

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  1. On Tuesday afternoon, Japanese wrestling legend The Great Muta was at the TNA Offices in Nashville, Tennessee for a business meeting with TNA officials, including TNA founder Jeff Jarrett. The Great Muta, who runs Japan's WRESTLE-1 promotion under Gen Sports Entertainment, was in Nashville to discuss future opportunities between TNA and WRESTLE-1. ImpactWrestling.com will have more details on the meeting in the coming weeks!
    Jeff Jarrett posted the following photo with Muta on his Instagram account @JeffJarrettTNA


    Yeah, for those of you who didn't knew, Jarrett is still working for TNA.
  2. So TNA is the company Muta decide to partner with? Man TNA is gonna get good,sucks for the TNA haters.
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  3. Yes it is. :emoji_slight_smile:

    Hope they don't fuck this up like did with NJPW.
  4. What makes you think TNA is gonna get good?
  5. I guess the same thing that makes you write stupid posts here on daily basis.
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  6. TNA's track record with international partnerships has me not as hyped for this as I should be. Plus W-1 is an untried entity. they have a very limited roster and the reason their 1st show sold out is because it's Muta.

    I'll take a wait and see approach, but I'm not expecting miracles.
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  7. The right approach indeed.
  8. Pwinsider.
  9. Why do you even go into the TNA subforum if you don't give a damn about the company?
  10. I like the company. I certainly wouldn't want to wish death upon it. It's a nice alternative to be honest, and over the past couple of weeks, it's been good. Pardon my first post where I say ''What makes you think TNA is gonna get good''? I worded that one. My real question is, what makes you think TNA will get better?
  11. Masa Funaki vs. AJ Styles, please.
  12. Yeah, given their deals with New Japan and AAA weren't really that good, let's see how this one ends up.
  13. They are still in very good terms with AAA, just not utilizing it well, unfortunately.
  14. I mainly meant the same as you (that it was badly utilized), but thanks for the info, I really didn't know they were still working together (which in itself should be a sign that it's not being utilized well haha).
  15. TNA has been at a low point for the year in my book. Horrible builds, and BFG's only flaw is it makes for 3+ random matches weekly.
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