Jay Lethal gets his Championship shot

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  1. Jay Lethal gets his World championship shot for the Ring of Honor World Championship on October 6th, 2012 in the city of Rahway, New Jersey
  2. His receding hair-line looks weird.
  3. Ahhhhh....historic Rahway, New Jersey, home of the largest ball of twine ever assembled in American history.

  4. Steen vs. Lethal... :obama: Should be awesome.
  5. Steen vs Lethal should be a great match.
  6. You watch ROH? :otunga:
  7. Mah man Kayfab watches ALOT of wrestling dude.
  8. I didn't know, I'm hoping to get into it more often and was wondering where I can watch it more regulary?
  9. Youtube is the only place that comes to mind, Ring of Honor website shows their latest episode for free.
  10. It's okay, thanks though.
  11. Don't bother IMO, ROH is at a valley in quality. Personally I just look at the match cards if something catches my eye I'll catch up on the basic background and watch the match.
  12. I've seen videos on YouTube and watched Steen quite a bit I'm going to give it a try but I hate Jim Cornette :@@
  13. I watch a lot, yeah. TNA, PWG and NJPW on regular basis, ROH, EVOLVE and NOAH on semi-regular basis, and WWE not at all. 3 matches per year maybe.:obama:

    BTW, bring back Cornette face!
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