Other Jazzy House Show Merchandise Stand...

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Grievous II, Sep 25, 2018.

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  1. So...as some of you may know...I live in Australia...
    and yes...Australia really does really exist...don't be
    a retard.

    So I was walking around my local Big W (which may
    be like the Australian Wal-Mart...only less evil?) when
    I saw this.


    So I decided to take a couple of photos...even though
    I am terrible at "clicking"

    Lets see who is on it...


    Okay...I mean...sure. Who is on the other side?



    Jiminy Cricket...

    Well...as much as I would rather have seen
    Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch on display...

    At least it wasn't the Plank of Wood & the
    Puddle of Piss. (Yes...that's what I'm calling
    Alexa Bliss from now on...deal with it!)

    The Super Show-Down actually count as
    a "proper" WWE pay per view right?

    I'm not really sure what to think...hence the
    thread title.

    Anyway...photos from down under!

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  2. You should have kicked it down and scream "Fuck WWE!" and then walked away like a badass.
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  3. Yeah...No.

    I have tact Seth.

  4. Cool beans, amigo.
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  5. I get Ronda is recognizable but honestly, there are FAR better female wrestlers on the roster more deserving of showing the brand.
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  6. Yeah but isn't Ronda the biggest draw? So whoever the biggest draw is the most deserving.
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  7. Is she?

    I mean I thought she was...but then she went 12 minutes with
    ALEXA BLISS & yeah...she isn't really that special to me anymore.
  8. Ronda is the biggest star in the company, it only makes sense she's promoted as such.. Put any other woman there nobody would know who they are... That's why it's Cena and Rousey.
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  9. Still think you should have kicked it over and ran away
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  10. I know that is why I said I get it but still. You'd think one of the other women would be recognizable by now with the revolution having been a thing for like what, 4 years now?
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  11. Cena and Rousey are recognizable outside of wrestling because Cena's transition into acting and Ronda's UFC career.. The rest of the women are just pro wrestlers, which is a very small audience.. Not many people don't know John Cena or Ronda Rousey.. very few people have heard of Becky Lynch and Charlotte because nobody gives 2 shits about wrestling anymore.

    I'm guessing that stand is there to catch the attention of non pro wrestling fans.
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    Actually they could've put Alexa Bliss as a standee, she's the face of the division after all and most people know who she is.. but they decided to go with Ronda.
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  12. Were you dropped on your head when you were born?
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  13. I was kidding/trolling with that comment, obviously.
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  14. Oh...sorry.

    I didn't find it obvious.

    Your getting hard to "read" Sheik...
  15. Or had a wrestling match with the standees in the middle of the shop:kiss:
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  16. Yeah, that works as well, lol.
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  17. I'm too lazy for that G-Fish...


    I didn't want to damage it...

    More on that later.

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  18. I yelled that in 2008 at a indie show and my Grandparents house with my Uncle when he asked if I was going, when Orlando was promoting Wrestlemania 24 lmao
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