JBL comments on Roberts' release

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Oct 16, 2014.

  2. Kinda makes sense.

    How can two guys get into an altercation during the show when it's on constantly, but he handled it well. No smark comments or bitterness for the rumors.
  3. JBL is a bureaucrat. He knows who butters his bread. There's no way he would say JR is the best when Vince believes JR is too passe.
  4. I actually liked Justin Roberts. He's amazing. I wish he could've stayed.

    As far as JBL commenting on Jim Ross and commentators....I don't think he's all that concerned with who "butters his bread" on that topic. AS long as he's not out of line, and states something like, "well vince is an idiot for thinking JR isn't the best...." I think as long as he doesn't do that, he's fine. I mean Triple H still feels that JR is the best commentator ever and had him come back to commentate on his match with Taker at Mania 28.
  5. Don't you dare call JBL a pussy, he'd beat you up in a fight you biscuit buttering fruitcake.
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  6. JBL is a p*ssy.
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  7. Says someone who censors them-selves at the worry of a word being offensive lmfao. 2 way street imo :')
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  8. I 'worry'? Where'd you get that nonsense from, son?
    I told you why I did it, yet you insist on shooting arrows because your gimmick is stale
    I've done this since Feb 2012. I did it then because I wanted to and I still do it because I want to.

    So now, I 'worry of a word about being offensive'? Do you know how many people I've offended on here? B*tch, please.
    If you want to be a heel, fine. If you want to feud, fine. Get better material besides my censorship because everybody knows that was the weakest argument ever.
    I worry about words being offensive. lol. Since I don't know you, nor read your posts I won't sink to your level.
    You're just some cat who's butt hurt because I insulted your hero. Join the club, son.
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  9. Gorilla Monsoon >>>>>>
  10. I don't even know what you're chatting at this point. If jokingly brushing you over your highly obvious "JBL wants to not make a PR mistake so he can keep his job security" comment leads you to make another self-righteous paragraph then I'll make sure to see you around the rest of the forums xx
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  11. Yet you know exactly what I'm chatting about. You made the effort of analyzing it as self-righteous so, of course, you understand.
  12. It was long and i've seen your other posts. I didn't really need to read it did I, trademarks recognised :emoji_wink:
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  13. I don't notice any difference when Justin is there or not there.. so, yeah this really has zero impact on the WWE.
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