JBL definitely commentating

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  1. Jerry Lawler [email protected]
    Sorry I can't be at Night Of Champions tonight, but I understand JBL will be taking my place. I wish him the best of luck! @WWE @JCLayfield

    Sorry if thread already made... Marking so hard right now.
  2. It'll be great, for sure.
  3. Speaking about this in the discussion thread lol.
  4. Thought I'd actually been first to post it as well :emoji_slight_frown:
  5. JBL is workable. Could be better, but could be a lot worse. A LOT worse.
  6. Workable? JBL!!!! This is like top of the list with Regal.
  7. Very good.
  8. I'm delighted he's back. He'll do a much better job than King would've done anyway.

    *Disclaimer* If it meant him not suffering a heart attack then obviously I would prefer King to be there, just making a point.
  9. JR > Regal > JBL > so, so many others. I wasnt saying he isnt up there, just saying id mark for Regal, and i expected JR honestly. Still good.
  10. Dunno, I like Regal a lot but I still think JBL would be my #1 pick mainly for nostalgia. We see JR all the time still.
  11. That is where we differ, while both still winners. I like Regal more, you like JBL more. JR was the safe assumption is what i meant.
  12. Nooo I don't like either of them more than each other. But I see Regal every week on NXT, as I do with JR. We've not seen JBL on WWE TV since Cole vs Lawler with SCSA as special guest. We've not seen him on commentary for YEARS, that's why I mainly want him, nostalgia. Plus he's a damn good commentator.
  13. We did see him on Raw 1k, but yeah i understand.
  14. 1 hour 15 minutes until the pre show. :boss1:

  15. I just pre'd in my pants.
  16. :win:
  17. JBL WAS AWESOME! especially on raw!!! he talk about how people love ziggler and say that santino is retarded!
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