JBL interview

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Aug 12, 2012.

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  1. Putting it in here since he talks about Smackdown wrestlers and Smackdown the show.

  2. Nice read. I'd like to have him back as a commentator but I hope he is able to reach his goal by climbing the mountains.
  3. He's such a fucking cock tease, come back you pussy.

    Anyway his gimmick recycling point is a great one and it's nice to see he isn't bitter about his being redone.
  4. Glad to see he's putting his thing for the children first. This whole interview shows that he is a great person, and he is respectful. He is right, it's wrestling it's not really stolen if you can do it right, and everyone knew about Ted DiBiase before JBL. Also you have to make a name for yourself separately, Ted made his way by managing major stars, and even creating the Million Dollar Championship. JBL did by becoming the longest world champion in smackdown history. Now it's up to Alberto Del Rio to make his own history. Also, would like to see JBL on commentary after he is done climbing those DAMN mountains. :damn: :jbl:
  5. come back jbl.. :upset:
  6. I wish he would return he's a commentating GOD!
  7. I wouldn't call it stealing a gimmick. more like reusing. I was watching an interview about the guy who sandow asked if he could use his gimmick. It's kind of cute that they ask for their permission even though they dont have to. just like ryback asking RVD about the singlet :yay:
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