JBL is safe!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Senhor Perfect, Mar 11, 2013.

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  1. Any chance he replaces King on RAW? :please:
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    OH HELL NO! Keep on SD he the best think there! King need stay on Raw but that should being back good old JR on Raw. and Put Cole on SD like the good old days!
  3. John Bradshaw Layfield is better than Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross on commentary...
  4. Lawler yes but JR no way. JR is the old school king of commentary.
  5. Am i mistaken or hasn't he climbed a mountain before?
  6. He has. He climbs them for charity I think.
  7. I thought I remembered him tweeting about it before.Thanks
  8. I like JBL in SmackDown, can't imagine him at Moday Night Raw
  9. He's trying to climb the highest mountain on each Continent for his childrens charity in the Carribbean
  10. He's climbing all 7 summits, ending with everest
  11. :awyeah: Great to know. But don't get your hopes up for him replacing King on Raw, Jerry is Vince's butt buddy so he'll stick around until he dies, wants to leave for any reason (can't come up with one since he hasn't left so far) or someone actually takes the mic that goes to his headset from Vince McMahon and tells him he's doing a terrible job, since apparently he's the only announcer that doesn't get screamed at when working.
  12. In that case lets send Jerry some more Sonic.
  13. How cruel.

    I like that.
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