News JBL Resigns as Smackdown Commentator

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Beavie, Sep 1, 2017.

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  1. Yup, after being a commentator for WWE since Jerry Lawler had his heart-attack (and a period before that) JBL is no longer going to commentate on weekly WWE TV. Well...No more John O'Clock...

    Are you guys happy he's leaving the commentator's table? Upset? And who do you think will replace him?
  2. His shelf life was pretty much up. Why he couldn't have quit months ago is beyond me. Instead I have to listen to that loser Tom Phillips be the ventriloquist dummy for Vince each Tuesday.

    Having Phillips be the lead stick for Smackdown is like asking me to drink a bucket of salt. F*ck that pinhead.
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  3. I hope this means he's coming to the indies. I would love some uncensored JBL indie commentary
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  4. Booker T is next I hope.
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  5. And that's the only negative coming out of this...
    although I haven't watched any WhatCulture WTF
    videos in months.

    Shame it didn't happen earlier...and I'm curious
    to see who replaces him...or perhaps they will
    just leave it at Phillips & Saxton for a few months. you guys remember when Tom Phillips
    said he was going to face f*ck the sh*t out of that
    woman who wasn't his partner?

    I do...

  6. Damn I hate that he's going but he did state "weekly" "to dedicate more", LMAO this should be funny to see what's he doing to upset the haters :emoji_slight_smile:
  7. yo bring back my boy Big Johnny! We out here with People Power.
    I didn't dislike JBL as much as others, usually because I don't pay attention to commentary that much since a lot of it is worthless information to building the characters or stories, so this isn't a huge deal for me.

    You probably haven't watched them because WhatCulture sucks :adr:
  8. I'm glad to see him leave and let some other new and fresh commentator have some spotlight but even with all these accusations he's had with bullying and such, it's going to be weird for a wrestling fan like myself who started watching with this man on commentary and to now no longer see him on T.V
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  9. Would be funny if Mauro filled his spot.
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  10. No...that's not it...

    Funny...and Awesome!
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  11. Lol don't joke like that. I wanted to choke the sh!t outta that pipsqueak, special needs or not.
  12. Best news coming out of Smackdown since Wrestlemania.
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  13. f8914c7dbfa40267461a3f8a9cbabfb648fd437c_hq.gif
  14. I got one thing to say..

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  15. They better not replace him with God damn David Otunga
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  16. Oh God...Imagine it...Otunga, Phillips & Saxton...
    Imagine the boring, blandness of that team.

    I mean JBL is a d*ckhead...but at least the guy
    has personality...

    No Otunga!
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  17. SD Live will never be the same again. Jk of course, bring Mauro back now pls. Still here are some of the many famous legendary JBL quotes that he spammed over the years : If you build a sport entertainer from the ground up it would look exactly like Randy Orton, Dean Ambrose just does stuff, that's the kick that won him the world championship Maggle, big match John has done it again ...
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  18. Some of you are forgetting another person who could be good... Rene Young. She's a talented broadcaster and is actually really professional, yet enthusiastic and knows a fair bit about wrestling.
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