JBL talks HOF.

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  1. - JBL, who is expected to induct Ron Simmons into the WWE Hall of Fame this year, wrote the following about this year’s class on Twitter:
    “Thrilled that two of my great friends and former tag team partners are going into WWE HOF! Congrats to Barry Windham and Ron Simmons!!!”

    Source: wrestlenewz
  2. Ron Simmons going into HOF?


  3. Yes. Ron Simmons going into the HOF.
  4. That's cool but JBL should be inducted soon or come back for one match. I liked seeing the guy!
  5. Haha, didn't know :3

    Great induction choice. Who else but Bradshaw could induct him?
  6. I personally think Bradshaw's the best man fit to induct him as far as I can think. Unaware, good question.
  7. JBL needs to be in the HOF tbh.
  8. I stopped giving a fuck about the WWE HOf a long time ago, it's clearly a joke. I loved Ron Simmons, but there are dozens of guys who deserve to be in over him, just like there are dozens of guys already in who don't deserve it. Koko B ware? Abdullah the butcher? don't see how anyone can take it seriously
  9. May as well rename it to Vince's pals.
  10. When is one last match enough? JBL is done. I say we let that sleeping dog lie

    ... unless, of course, he needed to tie a loose end.

    I see no dream matches involving JBL so I doubt it
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