JBL Talks John Cena’s Crowd Reaction, Inducting Simmons Into HOF

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Donald Trump_, Jun 14, 2012.

  2. Great point on tag team wrestling, the Cena one however is kinda shaky ground with me tbh. Sure he gets a reaction in a time when most don't but its at least split in the negative many times.

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  3. JBL is a cool dude regardless of what anybody says. I like these interviews....especially the first :damn:
  4. I see your point but the general point is he gets a reaction. A bad reaction is better than no reaction. A face getting boo'd out the building is a better accomplishment than a face receiving crickets. The compliment really is he's good enough for everyone to care about. Ask any WWE fan, they'll either love or hate Cena - two strong emotions.

    The money way of thinking of it is this. If you hate him enough, you buy the PPV to see if he loses. If you love him enough, you buy the PPV to see if he wins. $$$$$

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  5. Except for the fact he never does. He's starting to now because he's about to retire. But shaemus is the next super Chena.
  6. Cena's retiring? I go away for a few days and everything changes!



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  7. Never ever say such things
  8. He's not about to retire at all.
  9. *Whew* Don't play like that. I feel better. I'm myself now. (I'm such a dork)
  10. He's retiring next monday raw, only to come back at the 100th i mean 1000th raw. :troll:
  11. JBL is right on all accounts. I remember hearing that Billy Gunn and Road Dogg was put together because they were at the bottom of the card (according to Cornette, the joke was that the only person that Billy Gunn was good enough to beat was Road Dogg, and the only person that Road Dogg was good enough to beat was Billy Gunn) and they just decided to throw them together to see what happened. Turns out they had great chemistry with each other. He's right about the Cena thing because it's a pretty universal fact that the worst reaction you can get is no reaction at all (although people chanting 'Boring' would classify as the second worst reaction you could get, or would it be tied as the first?)
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