Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Thunderlips, Sep 22, 2016.

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  1. Hi there I was wondering if anyone else watches this guy on YouTube
    I cannot believe he practically begs for money through dontations tshirts and Patreon and then all he does is say bad things about the WWE and be nasty to all his followers
    There is also a guy called Jo Cronin who does exactly the same

    I don't know why and of these retards get the money they do some people must be stupid, maybe if they went to work instead of begging other people to pay for their tickets to wrestle mania they might have a better attitude

    Some people have no shame
    The WWE does not need morons like these
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  2. Alot of the IWC/YWC is cancer(aside from the lovely people here on the forums).Most Youtubers ask for donations now, its just how it works. If you don't like their content, and I don't mean this in any dismissive or rude way, don't watch.
  3. He says bad things about WWE because WWE is fucking awful 90% of the time. Just watch his CWC reviews for example, he will say good things about WWE when it's good, when it's bad, he will rip them apart. This guy has passion and he would be great for creative too. You're not happy about what he thinks, I forgot the name of him, but there's a guy on youtube, who said that Cruiserweights suck and Big E should fight Brock Lesnar at main event of Wrestlemania.
    And what's wrong with asking fans to support him. He returns for patreons too with exclusive content and I think he played COD with them too. Like Botcherson said, everyone does it.
  4. Never heard of him. lol
  5. wrestling youtubers. Ugggh. 99% of them are god awful and have bad ideas
  6. He's the biggest hypocrite on YouTube

    He absolutely ripped Jon jones apart for failing a drug test at UFC 200 by saying "Jon Jones is responsible for what goes in his body"
    A week later the same thing happened to Brock for which he said "Brock can't be responsible for everything that goes in his body"

    Get a grip the guy is pathetic
    Thinks he knows it all and knows nothing
  7. Smarks in a nutshell.
  8. He's a Lesnar and WWE fan, of course he did defend him(even though he shouldn't had). I'm a fan of Seth Rollins, I won't be mad at him that he has injured a few other superstars, meanwhile a lot of people are going at him, they have a right to but I will defend him. He's not always right, but who is? And he was going on a rant at Jones because he had used cocaine before and other police trouble.

    I'll be straight forward, the dude is funny and he does great news coverage, that's why I watch him. (His skit at the Raw's crowd in Memphis not making a damn noise was hilarious)-
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