Jeff Hardy announce he comes back to WWE on 2013

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Nano, Feb 10, 2013.

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  1. In his youtube account he made a video two months ago talking about a promo of his official return to WWE on 2013.

    Did Dixie Carter lie us about Jeff's new contract in TNA?
    Is Jeff lying about his WWE comeback?
    Is only a sporadic appearance?

    Make me know your opinions, here's the video.

  2. Nope. Jeff signed the contract after this was made. Maybe he was unsure of his future at the time of this video, but after signing an extension to his contract, I don't think you'll see him in WWE any time soon.
  3. This is fake, man. Lolwut :awyeah:

    Hardy is with TNA for 2 more yrs.
  4. Yeah, I know, I said the vid was upload on Jeff's youtube account 2 months ago.
  5. if jeff's coming back :fap: :troll:

    PS. Change the forum title to "Jeff Hardy announce he comes back to WWE in 2013" replace on with in
  6. No thankfully.
  7. Not coming back.
  8. Vince McMahon must have told him he had a half full syringe of heroin waiting for him if he came back :jeritroll:
    Yeah, but that video is obviously fake
  9. Not a fake, Hardy did it and posted it in his youtube account


    Look, why would Jeff post this vid in his youtube account and if it's a fake WWE hasn't done anything yet?
  10. Because WWE doesn't care about fakes in general. They have a troll running around posting fake porn videos of the divas and fake ads for superstars and they don't care. I hardly think they would care about a faked "Superstar returns" video.
  11. Well, they don't care about that, but I think it's because the people who make fake videos is unknown people, but this time we're talking about Jeff so I don't think WWE really doesn't care about it or at least too much
  12. Why would they care? Unless they had signed a contract then they can just go "ehh he's just rambling". And since Jeff signed with TNA for two more years I don't see how he can possibly have signed with WWE for a return.
  13. WWE probably haven't even seen the video lol. I doubt Vince and Triple H are on Youtube searching "Jeff Hardy" very much.
  14. Unless Vince wants a "recipy" ? :vince:
  15. Fake youtube channel :pity2:
    WWE didnt do anything yet because they dont go rushing at every fake video. Note tht tge wwe anonymous guy is still around
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