News Jeff Hardy arrested for Public Intoxication


The Showoff
Rising Star

If you want to "Wipe yourself out" for a couple of days...
stock up on booze & food at home & have it...and if you
know your a driving risk...give your keys to someone else
until you're sober.
I know Jeff is untouchable but still try. When Joe made that AA joke and Orton covered his mouth. When someone like Orton is laughing at you about an addiction problem you know that's bad

Grievous II

Is Unretrofied For You
I don't want to like this, but man WWE needs to let him go or let him wrestle. He could join Firefly funhouse. Be a henchman for Daniel Bryan or form a forgotten members team with Braun Strowman maybe The Black Sheeps
Luke Harper is, in my opinion, the most underrated wrestler on the WWE payroll.

The guy could have been anything...he's big, fast, highly skilled & is respectable
on the mic. His match with Randy Orton at the 2017 Elimination Chamber shows
just how talented he is.

The fact that Wyatt, Harper & Strowman are all in "limbo" at the moment just
shows the WWE has no idea what to do with their talent.

Reunite the Wyatt Family (with the Firefly Fun House gimmick if they have to)
& have them feud with the Club. The potential for interesting stories & great
matches is there.

Jesus...bring Wyatt, Harper & Strowman together with Bryan &
that is a faction to be feared that could truly shake up both shows.

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