Jeff Hardy debut album "Similar Creatures" - available now at and iTunes

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    TNA IMPACT WRESTLING announces Jeff Hardy debut album "Similar Creatures" - available now at and on iTunes and other online music outlets.

    TNA IMPACT WRESTLING has announced the release of Jeff Hardy’s music debut EP titled Similar Creatures available now at and on iTunes. Similar Creatures features nine tracks including Hardy’s current theme song and title track, “Similar Creatures.”

    “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy is one of the most recognized and beloved pro-wrestlers, as well as the current World Heavyweight Champion in the world today. Hardy can be seen every Thursday night on TNA’s flagship show “IMPACT WRESTLING” on Spike TV 8/7ct.

    Hardy and Dale Oliver wrote all of the songs on Similar Creatures for Embrangle Publishing Company and TNA Knockout Music. Similar Creatures was recorded at OTM Studios in Brentwood, TN. Hardy is the midst of working on his first all original music project with Oliver and his band that is set for release in mid-2013, accompanied by his original art work that reflects the musical compositions.

    The nine track EP features:

    1. Modest (remix 2012)
    2. Another Me
    3. Resurrected
    4. Similar Creatures (original mix)
    5. Soul Tied In A Knot
    6. Humanomoly
    7. Enshrine
    8. Reptilian
    9. Similar Creatures

    @jeffhardybrand and @impactwrestling
  2. eff Hardy debut album "Similar Creatures" - available now at and iTunes

    Hold me back.
  3. Not bad honestly. I enjoy half that album, I think he did pretty good.
  4. Resurrected is my favorite song.
  5. What sort of music is it? I'm imagining it's rock based?
  6. Judge yourself, I guess:

    "Another Me" is boss song.
  7. :dawg::dawg::dawg:

    This will suck. :true:
  8. I actually like Another Me tbh.

  9. Loved his heel run. :woo1:
  10. Bewbs

    And resurrected is decent imo.
  11. Normally, I don't like this kinda music, but is fairly decent stuff tbh.
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