GFW Jeff Hardy has been Broken, upcoming BFG match highly anticipated

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by C.M. Shaddix, Aug 19, 2016.

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  1. For those who don't know, Broken Matt told Jeff err- Brother Nero to jump through a table, he did then Jeff started laughing and began acting like Matt, now he's officially Broken Jeff Hardy or as he is known in Impact because Matt owns the Hardy name rights, "Broken Brother Nero".

    Check the link to see Jeff's new Broken look

    TNA Impact Review: Treading Water

    Also with TNA finishing up their tapings for pre BFG it's been revealed the Broken Hardy's vs. Decay will be happening for the titles, this is being dubbed "The Great War" and will be similar/follow up to The Final Deletion.

    Here's the link with the card
    411MANIA | TNA Bound for Glory Spoilers

    My response to this tag title match... Holy Shit I ACTUALLY CANNOT FREAKING WAIT we are getting Broken Matt and NOW BROKEN JEFF Vs. THE DECAY, the team which is beginning to add some shit like the Hardy's with Rosemary's story with Bram. Who the hell knows what will happen in this crazily stupid match?! This better fucking happen at BFG, if TNA is looking for something to bring in buys, THIS IS IT.
  2. Hmm, I might check it out.
  3. I genuinely don't understand the appeal of any of this. I've watched it and I didn't care for it, Its good he's trying to reinvent himself but they're still the Hardys and I still am not a fan of them. If it brings them ratings then good for them, is TNA still running the really dumb 4 PPVs a year?
  4. Also that BFG card is really weak right now.
  5. Really dumb?

    They're conserving money while allowing the PPVs to actually mean something. They, likely, make more money with the minimal PPVs then they did with the 12 PPVs. And it also allows them to air specials on free TV. And those specials are almost always great.
  6. If this card is making PPVs mean something then they should really look back over it.
  7. There's 2 months, until the show.
  8. "Also that BFG card looks really weak RIGHT NOW"

    Still doesn't change that their Main Events are pretty weak.
  9. It's TNA. The strength of a TNA card should not be measured with the measuring stick that is the WWE. No TNA card will ever be strong when compared to WWE
  10. Lowkey TNA watcher here, but I can't wait for all the crazy video packages that the Decay and the BROKEN Hardys will create.
  11. I wasn't comparing it to WWE tbh I just think even for TNA its weak. The drop off has been insane, we've went from Bobby Roode and Austin Aries main eventing to EC3 and Bobby Lashley.
  12. I think it comes down to you not being in the know. Lashley is having the run of his career. He is really, really good right now. And EC3 has transformed from a WWE comedy jobber into a legit main eventer for TNA. EC3 is TNA's franchise. Looking at the journey these two have made over the last 3 years in TNA these two should main event Bound For Glory.
  13. They're trying to get the casual viewers into it. It's not really even a bad storyline tbh, just silly, but it works.
  14. If Lucha Underground can have aztec gods, time travel and undead zombies. TNA can have a psycho Hardy family.
  15. EC3 is an over babyface. He's a key example of how you use heel antics to make a legit babyface star. Lashley is a legit monster. He's in the same class of an athlete that Brock Lesnar is. Lesnar far exceeds at what Lashley does, but he's the closest thing the wrestling industry has to another monster.

    Even comparing Aries v. Roode to EC3 v. Lashley shows that EC3 and Lashley are the right choice. Both men are over, both have been World champs. At the time of Aries v. Roode, it was Roode's 1st singles title reign, and Aries was fresh out of an X-Division title reign. Not only that, but their match was at a B-PPV.
  16. I might have to start watching this lol
  17. That segment with the ladders. :mog:
  18. So in my mind this is what I see so far:

    -Rosemary will haunt Rebecca and kidnap Maxwell
    -Bram will get involved on account of his storyline with Rosemary at the moment
    -We'll see a fatality from either VanGaurd 1 or Skasgard the Dilipidated Boat getting destroyed by the Decay

    Anything else is fair game
  19. Broken Jeff is Willow minus the mask.
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