Jeff Hardy interview

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  1. Jeff Hardy On 2013, CM Punk, Vince McMahon, TLC Matches & More

    Read the full interview here.
  2. Nice interview, lose the belt now please!
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  3. HELL NO :dawg:
  4. :haha: I knew you'd be thrilled about that.
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  5. inb4 TNA lets Hardy hold the belt, not only longer than Roode's reign but also longer than CM Punk's.

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  6. Quasi-spoiler, so .....

    Show Spoiler

    Reading the spoilers of the tapings for this week's episode didn't help me feel any better. :upset:
  7. Not only we have to put up with Hardy being the champion, but we'll have to hear him sing? That's quite bad.
  8. :OHGOD:

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  9. Wait, wut?

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    Hey Jeff: :finger:
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  10. I read the first questions, then realized I was reading it in Hardy's voice, then stopped. Do one of you voiceless/faceless/badtattooless usernames want to fill me in if anything interesting was in this?
  11. :lol1:

    "Interesting," not necessarily. He did the typical "wretslers who inspired me bit" and compared Dixie and Vince (no problems with Vince, but Vince is more business while Dixie is more personal and family-oriented, basically). He said it was a pleasure working with Punk, despite their different ideals.

    However, concerning his future or this year in TNA, he said he hopes to remain world champ as long as possible. He also said he set a goal for this year that at BFG he wants to perform a song from his band's album live on the PPV. (That's what we've mostly commented about.)
  12. Damn, Stopspot removed my puke image. Why? Is it because it was too funny? Is it because I'm too sexually delicious?

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