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  1. I heard that Jeff Hardy's tna contract ends around 2013 do you guys think that he could be returning to wwe within a year?
  2. Unlikely. He is content working in TNA and he doesn't like WWE's road schedule.
  3. Not sure, he could let his contract expire and return or stay there. I'm sure he's OK with his position in TNA and the door is also open for him to return.
  5. I think he might just on the fact that he is getting old and will retire soon and i would think he would end it with wwe. Also i havnt seen him on TNA lately. Also the Royal rumble is in Jan which is the perfect time to return because his three year contract is over.

    Hes my favorite superstar and i hope he does return/
  6. Again very unlikely. Jeff has said in multiple interviews that WWE's road schedule was what led him in on the road of drug and painkiller abuse that got him suspended. He is much more content working for TNA where he is one of the main draws and has put out some of his best work to date since his return in 2010. He is also not nearing retirement. Jeff is 34 years old, just a couple of months older than Cena and a year older than Punk. Jeff can still go for at least five years unless he gets a big injury. Jeff likes it in TNA and TNA has become consistently better over the last year. He makes them big money and earns a nice stable paycheck there.

    More likely that he stays at the A then at the E.

    You as a fan shouldn't complain about where you get to see him perform, just be glad that you get to.
  7. Isn't his back really fucked up? I could have sworn I read that he may have retire soon because of it, I think it was in an interview with Matt. Not the best source, but I'm sure I heard it.
  8. I read somewhere that as long as he stays away from real high spots he can keep on competing for a couple of more years at a decent level.
  9. I like him better in TNA, just for the fact of the way he expresses himself there. I don't really care though which show he's in, I'll always like Jeff.
  10. Wasn't Cena 35 or 36?
  11. He should probably stay in TNA. He's better off there.
  12. I understand everything but i believe he will come back for atleast one short time after he said he would when he was leaving wwe. I couldn't imagine him say he would and him then not doing what he said
  13. I could see him returning for a short stint in the future, yeah.
  14. I doubt he will, I know he doesn't like WWE much, He was meant to be one of their figures but he showed up at TNA so they cancelled it. Somebody got a hold of one that was Moc (Still in packaging) and got Jeff to sign it and he signed "Fuck WWE". He is also more happy in TNA because their work schedule is lighter.

    I see him coming back to WWE at some stage maybe for his last run but that's all I expect.
  15. :yay: I wish he would XD
  16. My favorite face of WWE ever (I am young, haven't seen too many others, like Rock). Just loved his character so much, was very sad when I saw that he left in 2009 (I believe)...

  17. i do also wish that :yay:
  18. Everyone who want him back is awesome!
  19. I would love Jeff to resign but he will get a new contract with TNA


    by the way what happened to RVD
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