News Jeff Hardy Returning at Lockdown!

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  1. TNA announced the following tonight:

    "MVP promised change upon his arrival to TNA Wrestling - and he's certainly delivered! On Monday, MVP tweeted out that the in-ring debut of the The Wolves (Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards) will take place this Thursday night on IMPACT on SpikeTV at 9/8c! But MVP didn't stop there, as on Tuesday he announced via #IMPACT365 that "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy will make his TNA return at Lockdown weekend in Miami, appearing at Fan InterAction and the annual "Lockdown" Pay-Per-View event!"

  2. Awesome, it was pretty quiet about him but I think everyone kind of knew he was just going to end up showing up back in TNA. They most likely just wrote him off because of the whole him not being able to travel over there for his UK tour.
  3. I'd think with MVP, we'll get a bunch of solid returns (King, Manik, Hardy) and they'll build towards having the rest of the year faction-free. I also think that Sting could come back soon, but chances of that are growing slimmer by every second.
  4. Jeff Hardy returning? has he been off the road for some time? im surprised he hasent quit TNA considering the company is going down the toilet
  5. Well, It shows he ain't a bitch like Punk....

    Why do you hate TNA even though you haven't watched it #12Yearoldwwefanlogic
  6. Hardy is paid well in TNA and has relaxed schedule.
  7. I am also surprised by his return, I assumed just like Sting and AJ Styles he had left the company.

    Not sure how I feel about his alternate gimmick though, I found the promo engaging but I am still to figure out whether I was engaged in a negative or positive way...only time will tell.

    Regardless Jeff is a big name for TNA and cannot do any harm for the company to have him return at Lockdown.
  8. I'm glad he's 'returning' as TNA needs a 'big' name on their roster because Sting is gone, Kurt is on his way to WWE after this Summer so you can't rely on him anymore, God knows what's going on with the AJ Styles situation....

    I'm glad Hardy is in TNA, he helps the company in various fields imo.
  9. Dixie is so gonna push Jeff hard since hes the only biggest ex WWE star to be in TNA and since WWE has got back Hogan then Dixie will push Jeff to the moon
  10. Honey, you do understand that TNA have plenty of incredible wrestlers and they'll be just fine, don't you?
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