Jeff Hardy Returning to WWE???

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by miniv7HD, Sep 21, 2012.

  2. WWE won't be taking any current/former TNA superstars due the TNA vs WWE lawsuit.
  3. I din't think they would its just been a rumour that he wants to go to WWE but TNA are giving him title shots and stuff to keep him because his contract ends in early 2013 so they're trying to get him to stay.
  4. How long the law suit gonna' drag on for?
  5. Jeff Hardy has an easier schedule in TNA. It was his choice to go there, with that schedule he gets less stress from travel and more time to spend with his family. So no, even without the title shots I think that Jeff Hardy would still stay in TNA because of that, WWE traveling puts lots of stress on people, and Jeff Hardy can't handle that anymore.
  6. Oh. Makes sense why they made him win the BFG then. Still don't see Hardy beating Aires for the title.
  7. it seems everyone wants him to return :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  8. Guess we should rip him away from his daughter and stress him out again just for we can see him with a WWE logo instead of him being happy and in a better company that lets him express himself. Hey at least we'll be entertained.
  9. I would love for him to come back; but, I doubt it. His history with the WWE plus the current legal situation said company has with TNA, makes me believe he'll re-sign with TNA or go the indy route.
  10. I liked Jeff Hardy-it would be nice to see him come back-but I also heard the story and I understand the situation and constant travel is a lot of stress for many(not for me-I LOVE TO TRAVEL and WOULD LOVE TO DO IT ALL THE TIME IF FINANCES WOULD ALLOW IT-lol). But, as long as Jeff is happy-that's all that really matters.
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