Jeff Hardy singing

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  1. Better than the stuff on his album :obama:
  2. Could be worse.

    I think.
  3. Is he high on drugs?

    WTF is wrong with this dude...
  4. Always.
  5. :true:
  6. This is so god damn bad. Jeff what are you doing?
  7. Living life? :mad2:
  8. How have RVD and Jeff not been a tag team yet?
  9. Oh they've tagged in TNA couple of times...:downer:

    This song is just :awyeah:
  10. Jeff was not on drugs, he was singing because he love it, he loves music and if you don't know he is in a group called Peroxwhy?Gen. He's great doing whatever he does, I support him in every single action he makes. But well, I think you've never hear a person singing without a music base and with the sound of the wind...
  11. Lol.. Bro, don't get me wrong here..

    I am a big Hardy fan as well, but the dude is high on some kind of stuffy here..:pity:
  12. Well, it could be, but I don't know, in Jeff's youtube channel he posted a vid of him singing and I think it's similar...
  13. Yeah..

    Same story..

    Jeff is a guy who loved creations of Mother Nature, it's the way he thinks it's the way he lives.

    That includes Jeff smoking it sometimes. I think when he has time off, he does that stuff often, because he can, he enjoys it, and he's been doing it for a long time..
  14. I mean permanently, call them High Society.
  15. [​IMG]


  16. :yes:
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