Jeff Hardy Talks WWE/TNA, Matt, And More

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  2. Great read man, even Hardy says WWE limits the moves more than TNA does. I knew WWE offered him to come back and watching him stay in TNA was shocking because WWE pays better, now all my doubts are solved. About his brother question... It wasn't necessary to say they keep in touch, we all know it because Matt posts some videos with him and Jeff or even you can know that because they have a show called 'The Hardy Show'
  3. Hopefully WWE will give Jeff Hardy another offer with a lot of freedom some time in the future so we can see him for one last run in E before he retires.

    Nice read nonetheless
  4. If he keeps doing what he do best he'll get another offer for sure, maybe not with a lot of freedom but he'll may get it in about 2 years (when his contract expires)
  5. lol at you guys thinking he's going to get freedom. If he does come back he's becoming a part timer or for one last run which will last 3-6 months.
  6. I always preferred him in TNA then WWE. Glad stuff is going well between him and Matt still, and Ultimate Warrior and Sting were the two wrestlers I thought about when Jeff brought out his face pain.t Must have been great for him to work with Sting.
  7. I didn't like him at all, I liked him as a Tag Team with Matt, but solo I didn't, but what can you say, Kids love him
  8. I loved The Hardy Boyz too and solo isn't the best, that's true but he won the WWE title and the WH title too...
  9. Hopefully he goes to WWE.

    :gtfo: of TNA.
  10. Man, for that you must wait two more years and I'd prefer to see him competing in ROH with Matt than back in WWE
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