Jeff Hardy to Miss Several Shows

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  1. TNA World Champion Jeff Hardy will be off TV for four weeks because TNA is taping four shows in the UK soon. Due to Hardy's felony conviction, at least at this point, he isn't allowed to go to the UK. TNA may do an injury angle with him this coming week or just tape backstage stuff ahead of time.
  2. STRIP HIM OF THE TITLE! :angry:
  3. Jeff Hardy. Live via satellite.
  4. Then why the fuck is he advertised for ALL the UK shows:




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  5. Excuse me, gotta ask for source? Meltzer?:maybe:

  7. Well, I kinda hope it's true (even thought it probably isn't), because it means DANIELS finally winning the World Title next week. :yay:
  8. :lol1: I find it funny, for some reason, when the guys can't go places due to crimes. Would be nice to see Daniels with the belt, and if Hardy can't be there I see no reason at all for him to be advertised.
  9. [​IMG]
  10. Booker T can rob a Wendy's and still travel the globe but Jeff can't run around with some drugs and drive like a retard and go to England?
  11. Yep, and hope it'll all turn well in Daniels' side.
  12. Daniels won't win the title sadly imo, Jeff will just tape backstage crap.
  13. Spoilers say you are seemingly correct.
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    Wow how big is my epeen currently :ryan:
  15. TNA Wrestling UK announced today that Hardy is coming across the pond. Guess it is official.
  16. It's Official: Jeff Hardy NOT on UK Tour!

    TNA IMPACT WRESTLING regrets to inform our fans in the UK and Ireland that Jeff Hardy will not be on the Road To Lockdown Tour, due to an injury sustained on the TNA IMPACT WRESTLING show on January 18.

    However we are delighted to announce that ‘The Icon’ Sting will be replacing Jeff at the TNA live events in Dublin, Glasgow, Nottingham, Manchester and London.

    Also appearing on all five shows will be global wrestling superstars including Kurt Angle, Bully Ray, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, James Storm, Magnus, RVD, Tara and Velvet Sky.

    The Immortal Hulk Hogan and Brooke Hogan were recently added to the roster for TNA’s TV tapings in Manchester and London.

    The stars of TNA Wrestling: British Boot Camp – Marty Scurll, Rockstar Spud and The Blossom Twins – will also be appearing in Glasgow, Nottingham, Manchester and London.
  17. I've read the spoilers...

    TNA is dumbass. :facepalm:
  18. I'm intrigued ^
  19. Don't be. When Testify tells you so, don't be. It sucks, and it sucks bad.
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    Can you link me to them tnBrother
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