Jeff Hardy to return in 8-9 months?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Dec 6, 2015.

  1. So I read that this is happening... But of course, like other things, it is rumored until it is confirmed by WWE or a reliable source on the inside.

    "WWE does have an interest in both now, and the interest is said to be mutual. According to, Jeff Hardy was at Wrestlecade this past week. While there, he was telling people he was interested in a WWE return and feels he can work their full-time schedule nowadays, something he could not do before. Hardy seemed to be high on the idea of going back, which was a first on his part since leaving."



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  2. I see what you did there. :smirk2:

    Yeah, I would have nothing against seeing him or his brother back.
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  3. Jeff hardy will be sloppy now though. He's never been in like great shape or anything and I'm sure he can't really handle a full time schedule doing Swanton bombs night in and out.
  4. Not without drugs anyways. lol
  5. Exactly. He's full of shit. He just can't handle it
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  6. I definitely see it happening. Theres money to be made with Jeff, on his end and WWE's. He's 38 years old (same age as Cena), so still young enough to do a full time schedule. I could see him coming back just by himself for a solo run for about 6 months, and then they'll bring Matt back so they can both do a tag team run. They'll want to capitalize on a Jeff solo run first so he doesn't instantly outshine Matt, and then once the hype dies down they'll bring in Matt so he can get a nice pop.

    They will ultimately be there to just be putting the younger guys over, just like the Dudleyz have been doing.
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  7. Jeff's always been sloppy but they could run him on a TV only schedule and milk his popularity IMO (it'll need building up again but won't be too difficult imo)
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  8. exactly, bring Jeff back WWE.
  9. I understand that Jeff is only 38... But he's had tons of drug and alcohol issues as well as he's an insane high flyer. Comparing him to cena is no comparison as far as body abuse is concerned.
  10. well obviously, i mean just look at Cena compared to Jeff Hardy. Cenas got muscles on top of muscles lol. I'm just saying as in terms of there their career. Jeff isn't in his prime anymore but he's still young enough to work full time and put on entertaining matches.
  11. If they return before Wrestlemania, I wonder if they'll book a triple-threat TLC match for the tag titles there between them, the Dudleyz, and The New Day as a homage to the old TLC matches of Mania that Edge and Christian, the Dudleyz, and the Hardyz all participated in (that would be WM16 and 17, to be exact.)
  12. I don't think so. Especially since there is a TLC themed PPV now. Also I read that the Dudleyz take their legacy of the TLC matches pretty seriously and they don't want to be in them anymore so they don't tarnish the name. Which makes sense to why they're just have a table match at TLC
  13. Okay thought you were comparing him to cena. It's like apples and oranges lol
  14. This is exactly what the E needs. Bring back has been's who can take the spot of those up and coming. They can always build a new star tomorrow
  15. I agree with your point, but I have no issue with them brining back stars to get build the new. The issue is that they rely too much on the old folk
  16. Well, they flop at creating new stars every chance they get, so why not? :otunga:
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  17. I hope they reap what they sew. Jeff Hardy is a no good anymore and hasn't been since 2009 IMO.
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  18. Jeff draws for what it is worth but I am not sure if it is worth the risk of dealing with another relapsed wrestler.
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