Jeff Hardy WWE Return Update

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Dec 19, 2015.

  2. Could be facing knee surgery. There's no could involved. He's having knee surgery. It is confirmed.

    Also, stay away, Jeff. Stay away
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  3. Jeff Hardy coming back isn't too bad. Have him and Matt join the booming Tag Team division, and add another layer. I don't see him doing much more than tag team work, but it will be good to see him in a company that actually makes money.
  4. Interestingly enough, just a couple of days ago I posted my thoughts regarding a possible return of the Hardyz, connecting it to a couple of recent promos New Day did. Went as far as a possible tag match at Mania with the exact same lineup as in TLC with the addition of the Hardyz, which could really be special.

    So, all in all, intersting piece right there and I for one do hope to see either one (if not both) return...
  5. If he does the surgery now and comes back to the WWE and something goes wrong, then they will regret it. Also, he has had issues with pain killers in the past so... There is that. Knee surgery = pain = taking pain killers. Just putting that out there.
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  6. "We want new guys to take center stage! Fuck the old guys!"

    Wrestling fans is why wrestling fans can't have nice things
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  7. [insert fat lardy & meth retardy joke here]
  8. Wrestling fans don't know how to wrestling fan. :smug:
  9. [​IMG]
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  10. Morrison was a better Jeff than Jeff ever was. I'd say bring him back instead, but he's fine right where he is.
  11. It's being reported Jeff could be out till late 2016.

    But yeah, I wouldn't mind having him or The Hardy Boyz back.
  12. To all people wanting the Hardyz back: Why do you want these guys back? Matt is fine but Jeff is not passing a WWE medical.

    Let the gguy retire before he dies in the ring.
  13. #Nostalgia
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  14. Will prevent evolution.

    For every old timer brought back, there's a younger, hungrier and fresher guy being denied a spot.
  15. Which is totally a mistake on WWE's part.
  16. Fans clamoring for the old are equally at fault.
    A refusal to let go of the past is a refusal to accept the new, and justifies WWE's behavior.

    There is a need for veterans in wrestling, but they should never equal or outnumber the amount of current talent.
    There is already a veteran tag team, and quite frankly a better tag team around. The Hardyz are not needed, even if Jeff would somehow get sober enough to work a full time ring schedule.
  17. While that is true, and I could definitely live without them in the 'E, I also wouldn't mind veterans like The Dudleyz or The Hardyz being back to put over the young, up-and-coming talent.
  18. The dudleys are back. So there is no need for the Hardyz. The Dudleys are the better team, and both guys are in better shape than Matt and Jeff and thus have more to offer.

    By all means bring back Matt as a manager or agent. He's proven he can make that work. Jeff has no value outside of appealing to peopel who can't let the attitude era go. Because Jeff Hardy in 2015 is in no shape to actually wrestle. He'll throw himself off a cage as he showed in TNA, but he's not healthy enough to handle a full time, 5 show a week ring schedule that WWE would want him on.
  19. Matt coming back would be great, and maybe i'd be down with a returning Jeff to face his brother at SS or n WM but that would be IT. I wouldn't want him wasting spots or much of others times.
  20. I was going to say Matt should go back to ROH, but now that the Kingdom's probably leaving, nevermind. I really don't care whether they return to WWE or not.
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