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Source: PWInsider

PWInsider reports that the recent deal that saw Jeff Jarrett return to TV in the TNAstorylines included Dixie Carter buying Jarrett out of his minority ownership of TNA. The deal also included Jarrett's Hall of Fame induction, promotion for Global Force Wrestling and GFW having the rights to book TNA talents.

TNA issued this statement in response, referring to tonight's Impact Wrestling with the Winner Takes All Lethal Lockdown match:

"The real-life drama between Dixie Carter and Jeff Jarrett, that for weeks has played out on IMPACT WRESTLING, will all come to a head tonight in a shares vs shares, Winner Take All match. It is true that if Dixie's Team TNA defeats Team GFW, Dixie will acquire Jeff's shares in TNA and he will no longer be a stakeholder."

PWInsider notes that the Jarrett deal was put together just a few days before the Jarretts cut their Impact promo back in June. The deal was precipitated by TNA and allows for both sides to part ways on good terms. Dixie and parent company Panda Energy get complete ownership of the company while Jarrett gets bought out and receives some perks for GFW. TNA can now make any moves they want without having to worry about Jarrett's minority shares coming back to get in the way.
So not only did Jarrett get free publicity for his new company and a hall of fame induction.... But he also got what can be assumed to be a nice chunk of money out of all this.

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