Jeff Jarrett Takes Over Talent Relations Instead of Prickhard?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Aug 1, 2013.

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  1. These posts are pretty much everything you need to know:

    Jeff Jarrett is very well loved in TNA locker-room and amongst wrestlers, especially since he's the co-founder of TNA and is responsible for many TNA Originals signing with TNA in the first place, plus many international deals like AAA, Ring Ka King, NJPW and now Great Muta's new promotion in Japan.

    I think this is awesome news if true of course. Fuck business asshole Brother Love, hail the wrestler Jeff Jarrett.
  2. Seems like a good pick.
  3. Good idea. He is good at picking talent and I'm sure he'll do a great job as President of talent relations.
  4. :yay: I really like this idea. I love Jarrett and I believe he'll do a great job.
  5. so does this mean he will be on tv for the gut check votes?
  6. No more Gutcheck on TV, I'm hearing.
  7. I never watched TNA in my life, but PRICKHARD and BROADHEAD :lol1:
  8. Well he's well respected by the locker room, and he did co found this company. He already has the support of the wrestlers, so Im sure he'll do just fine.
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  9. Who the fuck is the nitwit in charge that brought in the MMA fuckers? God knows how much they had to pay Tito to stand there and look retarded while 90% of the audience had no idea who the fuck he was.
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  10. It's Spike president Kevin Kay, Belattor COO Bjorn Rebney and probably Dixie Carter. They work closely togehter on cross-promoting TNA and Bellator on Spike, so I assume it's them, and it's easier for everyone to pay the likes of Ortiz and Rampage by 1/3 each party.
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  11. I figured it was Spike & Dixie. Double J needs to put his fucking foot down (Dixie's throat). Can't hate on Bjorn (who is a cool and intelligent guy) because it is a great move for him to get all the Bellator fighters he can on Impact. No brainer from his perspective. He is using Spike/Impact as a stepping stool to get more eyes on Bellator, and Dixie is dumb enough to let him do it.
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  12. Pretty much true. Bjorn is a wise guy, meanwhile Dixie looks like a **** and is one, unfortunately.
  13. Brining in all the MMA guys will be fine if it results in the return of MMA Jarrett. He's never been more entertaining than he was during that period.
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  14. Hopefully Jarrett will finally get rid of the creative duds who decided that Ortiz standing there just smiling like a dumbass at the MEM and A&8, and the A&8 just standing there (mainly Anderson) going "wow, security needs to get that fan outta h- oh shit" and get the place going again.
  15. Wait, does this mean ... World X Cup return? :goatface:
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