GFW Jeff Jarrett uses GFW to sell pyramid scheme

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Stopspot, Apr 8, 2016.

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  1. Is GFW still a thing? I thought it died in a baseball stadium.
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  2. Does the odd show in the UK, and small water towns in PA. Taped a set of TV episodes and supposedly inked a TV deal in New Zealand and some small African country.

    It's quickly gone from Wrestling company to inside joke/legend
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  3. The best part of this is how the "GFW Brand" is going to sell gold. Awesome.
  4. Truly an entrepreneur.
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  5. :lol1: Awesome. Carny as carny can be.
  6. I'm not even going to pretend I know what a pyramid scheme is but I saw this on Reddit and it linked to some random dodgy scam website so I'll just LOLGFW.

    I feel dirty now.

    But seriously, what the fuck is GFW gonna do now? :sheamful:
  7. A pyramid scheme is a scam. Someone recruits you into this financial plan where you in turn have to recruit other people, the more people you get to sign up the more money you make.
  8. Penn and Teller (well Penn at least) summed it up pretty well and explained why it's such a scam. If each person recruits 15 people you end up with everyone in the world after 9 levels.

  9. Oh right, haha, I should've known. Wow, JJ is getting desperate, isn't he?
  10. They run a lot of events. They run tours of certain areas throughout a month. Right now they are in Tennessee/the south, and later this month their heading over to Germany. Next month their heading for New York/North East and in May they are going for Southern Illinois.

    I have a lot of respect for them, tbh. They may have over shot it, but the fact that they are touring at such a small level shows their ambition.
  11. Lol where in TN. Lemme do a live report. Please.
  12. Missed it. It was last night in Clarksville.
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  13. You know they don't actually run those shows right?
  14. I googled "GFW Clarksville" for some results, and apparently it was an invasion angle where the GFW guys were trying to overrun Tried n' True Pro Wrestling. What.
    And all the results say a lot about how it's a TNT show, and I can't find results or a card anywhere.
    Every bit of this is as Global Force as it gets.
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    They essentially do. I'm sure they invest in those shows. Have their contracted wrestlers on them, advertise for them, draw a crowd, and help with the pay.
  16. lol. GFW contracts are not worth shit. As proven that contracted talent like the bullet club or killer elite squad only worked 1 set of tv tapings then said "I'm out, fuck off Jeff".

    GFW is smoke and mirrors. They had one set baseball stadium shows that drew like shit and 2 uk tours that drew like shit.
  17. Be honest though... Isn't this one of the worst times to start up a wrestling promotion?
  18. Is it tho? The talent pool has never been deeper worldwide than it is now. There are so many promotions now around the world drawing crowds in the thousands or just below regularly. And with the internet you have an easier time to connect with fans and get your product noticed.

    Hell, GFW could have done like ICW or Progress and set up an on demand service and get fans to sign up for it and release all their supposed shows on there.

    Wrestling might not be as big in the mainstream as it was in the 80s and 90s. But it has not had this big a following on a cult level in a long long time.
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