GFW Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Prince Bálor, May 6, 2015.

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  2. Lance Hoyt, Moose, Lei'd Tapa, Chris Masters, Sanada, Rosita (or Sarita, don't remember), have all been announced also I think.
  3. I wish Justin Gabriel had a different name, PJ Black is kind of lame..

    It's a nice little roster they have going, nothing too impressive but it'll work for the time being.
  4. You had me at Chael.
  5. Yeah, all of them, too.
  6. The major elephant in this room is the amount of talent on part time deals.
    BC: Work full time in New Japan and make good money doing that (Anderson has said he made 600 K in 2013 as an example)
    DBS Jr & Archer: Full time in New Japan and NOAH.
    Moose: Works for ROH (at least for now).
    Sanada works with Wrestle-1 in Japan.

    I don't see Gallows & Anderson or the KES dropping out of doing Japan since that is where they make the best money. GFW needs a couple of more full time names and a TV deal for this to go anywhere, or else they'll just be another indy fronted by Jarrett.
  7. Bring Cryme Tyme in full time.
  8. THIS

    Fuck the roster, if Chael is involved I'm fucking in
  9. I really, really hope to see him in ring at some point. What a huge move, this is the PERFECT move to keep Chael paid and all the rest of us entertained.
  10. He would be perfect in a badass authoritative role where he can fuck shit up occasionally if he needs to
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  11. Cutting promos on no one in particular, just talking about how great he is and shitting on everyone/anyone in a very generalized way weekly.
  12. Gabriel is going to be the man in their X-Division 2.0.
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  14. I wonder when they'll set up a roster page for their site.
  15. Once all of the members have been revealed, I assume.
  16. Cards for the first two shows:

    6/12 in Jackson, TN at the Ballpark

    – Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson vs. The New Heavenly Bodies
    – Sonjay Dutt vs. Jamin Olivencia
    – Chris Adonis (Masters) vs. Dustin Starr
    – Brent & Brandon Tate vs. Chuck Taylor & Trent Baretta
    – Le’D Tapa vs. Thea Trinidad
    – George T. Murdoch (Tyrus) vs. Moose

    6/13 in Knoxville at Smokies Park

    – Gallows & Anderson vs. New Heavenly Bodies
    – Dutt & Chase Owens vs. Olivencia & Jason Kincaid
    – Adonis vs. Devon Driscoll
    – Tate Twins vs. Taylor & Baretta
    – Tapa vs. Trinidad
    – Murdoch vs. Moose

    I'll try to give a live report. :emoji_slight_smile:
  17. Those (plural not really needed here, but still) cards don't look so great but they're house shows, so fine. At least they have the Best Friends.
  18. 3rd & 4th cards for GFW released..

    Friday 6/20 in Jackson, MS at Trustmark Park:

    *Shelton Benjamin vs. Chris (Masters) Adonis

    *The Hot Shots (Cassidy Riley & Chase Stevens) vs. Andrew Everett & PJ Black (Justin Gabriel)

    *Sonjay Dutt vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Jigsaw

    *Chuck Taylor vs. Cliff Compton

    *Luke Hawx vs. Luke Gallows

    *Lei'D Tapa vs. Thea Trinidad

    Scott Hall also appearing

    Saturday 6/21 in Bowling Green, KY at Bowling Green Ballpark:

    *Shelton Benjamin vs. Chris (Masters) Adonis

    *The Young Bucks vs. Andrew Everett & PJ Black (Justin Gabriel)

    Sonjay Dutt vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Jigsaw

    *Chuck Taylor vs. Cliff Compton

    *Luke Hawx vs. Luke Gallows

    *Lei'D Tapa vs. Thea Trinidad

    Scott Hall also appearing
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  19. Not impressed.
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