Jeff Jarrett's New Promotion

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Brad., Mar 28, 2014.

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  1. Why isn't there already a thread for this?
  2. Shane Douglas is working on a new promotion as well he announced during an interview in March 2014 about CM Punk and the current state of wrestlers, and wrestling.
  3. There have been threads, did something new come up recently?
  4. I've heard he's looking to start up by August and is in the process of signing a deal with ROH with a talent share thingy.
  5. An announcement is scheduled for April 7th, the day after Mania, when we'll probably hear its name and stuff. Strong rumours that Angle will sign-up.
  6. Doubt it
  7. Hopefully it aint something crappy like Total Non-Stop Action
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  8. Me too, but his TNA contract does expire in the summer.
  9. It will probably be exactly something crappy like TNA.

    Is he still planning to do Tuesday Night TV shows with the promo? to fill that void.
  10. Because there's no new Jeff Jarrett promotion yet, doh.
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  11. There hasn't been a Wrestlemania 30 yet but there are threads on that duh
  12. Sure there was a thread on this before, there is not much to say about it it yet.
  13. But Wrestlemania 30 is a guarantee. A new Jarrett promotion is not.
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  14. Just to add to this point, people have something to discuss about Mania. What can we actually talk about with Jarrett's new promotion, their name and throw random names out for who'll sign? Ps I heard he was going to push Flair to the title just so he could put over some young gun named Jeff Jarrett.
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  15. Yeah, JJ's all about creating new stars..........

  16. There has been threads, but on the last update. The last update Jeff said that he would not give out anymore information until after Wrestlemania, so that's why there hasn't been anymore threads about it yet.
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  17. I hope Big Daddy JJ swerves us all and goes into porn instead. He'd get more buys.
  18. Only if he finishes with a guitar shot.
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  19. Hey-YO!

  20. What ever the objective is they best hire joey ryan!

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