News Jeremy Borash on His Contribution to the Broken Gimmick

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  1. Jeremy Borash recently answered a number of questions on a conference call he held with a number of wrestling websites. During the call, the creative mastermind of GFW revealed his contribution to the creation of the infamous BROKEN Gimmick.

    Here’s what Borash said: (quotes credits: WrestlingINC)

    “The day to day was primarily me and Matt [Hardy]” Borash said. “You know, as far as the IT goes, that’s out (laughs) of my jurisdiction obviously. Impact Wrestling’s, you know, paid my salary to create and help create that stuff, you know, and obviously, that’s for someone else to decide I guess if that’s where it’s going. But, you know, as far as, you know, those guys go, what a pleasure to work with them.”

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