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  1. So I'm wondering how many of you are familiar with the lion of a man known as Jeremy Kyle?


    He is a talk show host from the UK but he also has a TV show in the USA where he is more tame than in his UK shows.

    Essentially the guy berates and antagonizes all of his guests who come on his show to get help for their personal issues...and that is why he is fucking brilliant and should be hailed as a modern-day hero.

    ^ an example of his pure genius and how he antagonizes people.

    Are there any other Jeremy Kyle lovers?
  2. he's a condescending self entitled shmuck who does a mediocre job of speaking to people desperate for a TV show appearance.
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  3. Overrated! *clapclapclapclapclap*
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  4. In no way do I think JK does anything positive when he essentially berates and belittles these people.

    The fact that people get into these situations is bad enough, but for him to exploit these people is straight up shitty.
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  5. He is a little inconsiderate at times, he subjects himself to those who have made mistakes to only boost he's ego. I have questioned what it would be like if one of he's guests were to commit suicide due to he's impeccable insults, I use the word impeccable strongly because he has not spoken to he's guests unless they are on stage. he doesn't know their backstories, he hasn't lived a day in their shoes and yet as soon as they come onto the stage instant judgement.

    Just doesn't make sense how someone can be so ruthless and have no consideration for their back story.
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    I completely agree and that is his genius. He has made a lot of money from exploiting the unemployed in Britain but has the sheer audacity to verbally destroy the people he brings on his show. He makes a living out of picking flaws in people and then aggressively elaborates on how bad of a human being they are.
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  7. So he should be hailed as a hero, why? I struggle to see what exactly is good about any of the shit he does, am I missing the joke or something?
  8. I heard that the production crew for his show go round to shitty towns and give their targets free booze in a way get them on the show.
  9. Please tell me you're kidding.
  10. Thats what I have heard, someone told me about this like two years ago, I think there was some news articles on it and the show in general.
  11. I don't really think he should be hailed as a hero! lol I just find it strange how he has made so much money by exploiting the working class and their vulnerabilities. I thought the way I worded things made it clear that I'm not a legit Jeremy Kyle worshipper :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.
  12. Yeah I heard this rumour also! Although I doubt the legitimacy of it on the basis that the show is still running. If there was an ounce of evidence that they feed guests alcohol he would be shut down in a heartbeat.
  13. Yeah, surely they wouldn't get away with that?
  14. Well then.. The words i have to describe that man will end up with my mr nice guy reputation down the toilet.

    *Zips Lips*
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  15. Judging by my quick google search it is something that has been claimed by guests but never proven, the show itself have denied the claims that go as far back as 2007.
  16. The guy is a fucking legend.
  17. *Shake's head* Just for that, I'm going to eat bacon.
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  18. Jezza is the program you put on when you think your life is pants. In 10 mins or less you realise sod it I'm good.
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  19. Steve Wilkos would whoop his candy ass
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