Jericho blasting Punk

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jose Tortilla, Mar 27, 2012.

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  1. Y2J is blasting CM Punk for weeks now, and I'm starting to wonder if this is a same kind of scenario that Punk had with Jeff Hardy. Punk exposed Hardy all the way with Hardy's drug using for a while.

    So is this like a reversed story or something else?
  2. It's kayfabe, they're good friends.
  3. Seriously? Damn, they are playing it really well. Really interested if it's all true and what kind of payment Punk's family will get for all this blasting.
  4. This is true but u got to admire the effort they're both going to on twitter etc hating on each other they're doing a good job of building this feud outside of RAW and SD which is a good thing considering the time HHH and Taker have taken up.
  5. NO WAY! Punk and Hardy hate 1 another did u not see that promo hardy made after he left WWE! Hardy should have just said NO! LIke Punk said to!
  6. They won't get any payment lol. Jericho would have just asked Punk if it was okay.

    They're the best in the world :emoji_wink:
  7. Totally agree @[Crayo] they've buitlt the feud so well outside of the tv exposure through other media thats whats really impressed.
  8. Blasting, teehee.
  9. Always someone with a dirty mind lmao
  10. Some things aren't that easy to say no to bro, believe me.
  11. How?I am Straight Edge! And I think easy just don't buy and said to people want you to have it sample!
  12. Once again, you can't make people do or don't do things. You can say yes, you can say no. You are straight edge, that's good. I'm not, I drink and smoke, I don't do drugs, so am I bad?

    It's the choice you make in life my man. Everybody makes the decisions they want to choose and live by. What I said earlier in a response, that's the beautiful thing about life.
  13. I see what ur both saying here.

    I smoke, drinki and I have done drugs in the past nothing extreme just a choice I made.

    However I was never addicted to any of these substances apart from the fags.

    But as a failed quitter of smoker I can imagine how difficult it can be to say no to harder drugs and alcohol if ur an addict. some ppl just have different personalities or extreme circumstances which result in them taking an alternative route in life leading to the things that the shouldn't as an escape.

    I'm not condoning it vut I can see sometimes how things become difficult for ppl
  14. I never siad people that were not stright edge are not bad. My mom smoke and my dad drink. I said Hardy was! that what I was really going with it at sorry if I miss lead u. He took drug and in my opinton should in JAIL FOR WHAT HE DID! What have all though drugs in his house!
  15. He was in jail for it. So, is RVD bad for smoking marijuana? No it's a choice and got arrested for it. When he was in Amsterdam, he smoked one while riding a bicycle. Bad? No, and soft-drugs are legal here.

    Are some of my friends bad for doing a spliff sometimes? No. Why? It's a choice from the free spirit that lives in all of us.
  16. We're not "drug forums". Keep it about wrestling.
  17. sorry boss

  18. Just want to point out the word about life.
    And decisions being chosen.

    I'm sorry if I offended you in any way.
  19. Lol you haven't offended me. I don't care if users do drugs or if users don't do drugs. I just cba checking this thread for any new posts about Jericho/Punk when it's about drugs :emoji_slight_smile:. You know I love you Jose.
  20. Allright then. :lol1:

    <3 U 2, MAN!
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